James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe take on ‘Frankenstein’

Two of our favorite Brits are teaming up for an adaptation of the German gothic classic novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. A novel about the essence of humanity and the source of empathy as much as it is a novel about a monster terrorizing the German countryside, Shelley’s classic will be told from Igor’s perspective in the upcoming Victor Frankenstein starring McAvoy as the titular doctor/monster creator and Radcliffe as the doc’s ever loyal though clumsy assistant Igor. The official trailer hit the web this week, and from what’s available now, this version is high on wit and smarm, and it plays out like a buddy comedy in the vein of both the recent adaptations of Sherlock Holmes, both the film and TV series. That could be because at the helm of this Frankenstein is BBC’s Sherlock vet Paul McGuigan. The film is set for release this Thanksgiving. Check out the official trailer featuring an intro from McAvoy and Radcliffe below!!!