Book 2 Screen: New Novel Series Expands The ‘Heroes’ Universe

This week’s edition of Book 2 Screen could be more aptly titled Screen 2 Book as we see one of our favorite television worlds fleshed out with a new book series that will finally fill in some of the gaps between the original Heroes series and the new event series Heroes: Reborn. From German publisher Bastei Lübbe AG, in a joint multi-platform venture with Imperative Entertainment, the first in a series of official tie-in eBooks and audiobooks Book 1: Brave New World is available for download now, with a print edition to follow soon.

The first of six thrillers, Brave New World addresses many previously unanswered questions from Heroes, offers new information about characters, and treats readers to a deeper examination of the Heroes universe. This first installment is written by former 2000AD and Judge Dredd Magazine editor David Bishop, a prolific and award-winning science fiction writer.


Based on original drafts from the first episode of Heroes: Reborn, Brave New World is set one year after the events of the Odessa Summit and reveals a Heroes universe radically different from the world fans of the original series once knew. The evolved humans, or ‘Evos,’ are held responsible for the events at the Summit and forced to either go into hiding or fight back. Brave New World follows familiar characters like Noah Bennett and the Haitian, but also follows a variety of new personalities introduced in Heroes: Reborn.

The Heroes: Reborn eBooks and audiobooks are the first books officially connected to the hit NBC show. Penned by different bestselling authors—including New York Times-bestselling author Timothy Zahn and multi-million bestselling novelist Kevin J. Anderson—the stories extend and expand the Heroes universe for both longtime and new fans alike.