Up-and-Comer: PLL’s Ryan Guzman Jams With Jem And The Holograms


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If you’ve already checked out Jem and the Holograms in theaters this weekend, you might’ve recognized at least one familiar face. Pretty Little Liars vet Ryan Guzman pops up in JatH as Jerrica’s bff/crush Rio. Back on PLL, you probably remember Ryan as a martial arts instructor named Jake. But calling this talented young actor an up-and-comer might be an understatement given that it’s not just PLL and JatH that Ryan is known for. In fact, this guy is everywhere right now, including the Heroes reboot Heroes: Reborn as troubled war veteran Carlos. And in the past he’s been featured in the Step Up films as well as starred along side none other than J-Lo in the stalker thriller The Boy Next Door. Basically, this 28 year old’s career is already SMOKIN’ HOT.


Ryan is Mexican/American and originally from Texas, and at only 21 he has had careers as both a college baseball player and an MMA fighter. But deciding that succeeding in two competitive fields wasn’t enough for him, Ryan eventually made his way to LA and took on some acting work in commercials, work which then quickly led to the smoking hot resume mentioned above.

If you are now as obsessed with Ryan as we are, be sure to check him out all fall on Heroes: Reborn and to hit up Jem and the Holograms in theaters now!!!

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