Book 2 Screen: ‘The Scorch Trials’ Is On Fire

Out in theaters September 18th, the next installment in the Maze Runner series is finally here!!! The Scorch Trials is the second film in the Maze Runner series, based off of the second book of the 4-book series from YA author James Dashner.

The second installment finds Thomas and the other Gladers (Spoiler Alert if you haven’t read/seen Maze Runner yet) outside the maze only to face a new set of challenging obstacles in their post-maze life. The environment outside the maze is desolate, and the Gladers find themselves in a place called The Scorch where they search for clues about a mysterious entity called WCKD.



Director Wes Ball from the original film returns at the helm as does Dylan O’Brien, the indomitable Thomas who finally conquers the maze. New to this installment is The Fosters‘ Katharine McNamara and Game of Thrones‘ Aidan Gillen, playing a character with a possible connection to the mysterious WCKD.

Check out the official trailer here, and be sure to catch The Scorch Trials in theaters this Friday!