Poll: Which MTV Campus Is Your Fave? ‘Faking It’ vs. ‘Awkward’

Your two favorite high school campuses are finally back on MTV Monday nights this Fall, as are all the misfits/jocks/cheerleaders/weirdos/introspective goofballs who wander their halls. Aaagghhh!! We’re so excited for Mondays again!! We love the ladies of Faking it!!! And we love Jenna being awesomely Awkward!!! ….But which high school would we want to be our alma mater? Which halls would we like to roam? And more importantly: Which set of hotties would we like to chase? Tell us what you think by casting your vote in our MTV campus Face-Off: Faking It vs. Awkward.

Hester High School in Austin, Texas


Faking It‘s Karma and Amy attend HHS in Austin, Texas. And both Hester and Austin are welcoming homes for all things and people who don’t always fit in everywhere else. There’s a reason Austin’s unofficial tourist slogan is “Keep Austin Weird.” Creativity and general weirdness are prized. Is this Island of Misfit Toys where you see yourself turning your tassel someday?

Palos Hills High School in Palos Verdes, California group_awkward_1272

Awkward’s Jenna and her beaus Matty and Jake go to Palos Hills High School in southern California near Los Angeles. The crowd at Palos Hills is a bit less alterna than at Faking It’s Hester, which doesn’t always bode well for thoughtful, introspective, and yes, AWKWARD Jenna. Athleticism tends to beat out creativity at Palos Hills…but…there are tons of hotties roaming these California halls. But where there are athletes, there are….gasp….CHEERLEADERS! But alpha chick Sadie isn’t always so bad, and maybe you’re a bit of an alpha yourself. So maybe Palos Hills is where you see yourself walking across the stage?

Tell us which campus is your fave by voting below!!!

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