“Brings a different genre to kids television.” Niko Ceci Facetimes us to talk season two of I Woke Up a Vampire

I Woke Up a Vampire was released on Netflix in 2023 and became an instant hit, with vampires, werewolves, mysteries, and navigating typical teenage problems all in one. The show’s second season debuted on April 4. YE got to chat with Niko Ceci, who plays Kev Gardner, to learn more about the second season, the audition process, and fun behind the scenes pranks and fan moments.

I Woke Up a Vampire follows Carmie Henley, played by Kaileen Angelic Chang, as she discovers she is half human, half vampire on her 13th birthday. These powers make middle school that much more complicated. Niko’s character Kev is Carmie’s best friend in the series. Since its release, the show has gotten rave reviews from audiences. 

“I think I Woke Up a Vampire really is its own kind of category in the sense that kids want to feel that sense of being scared without being too scared. I think it’s very unique and it’s bringing a different genre to kids television.”

Niko had his sights set on the entertainment industry since three years old, showcasing his talents in dancing and singing in theater productions. He booked his first professional role, voicing Eureka, in the animated series Creative Galaxy on Prime Video. He also voiced Pablo in the remake of Clifford the Big Red Dog from PBS Kids. His other notable lead roles include Nickelodeon’s Corn in Corn and Peg and Rafael in Pinkalicious & Peterrific

“There’s just going to be that one perfect role that’s going to help launch your career so that was what I Woke Up a Vampire was for me.”

Niko revealed he had always wanted to work on a fantasy show, and it was a dream come true to be cast for I Woke Up a Vampire, going through six callbacks before booking the role. 

“In season two, [Kev] really feels that he has a purpose and he kind of finds himself as a character.”

Season two of the show involves new relationships and new challenges for the characters, and Niko described season two as unique, entertaining, mysterious, and different. His character Kev comes into his own, with new interests, a new confidence, new favorite comic books, and new and stylish outfits.

“[Kev] is always being himself and putting himself out there and he’s always wearing fun and new different clothes.”

I Woke Up a Vampire hit the global top 10 list on Netflix, and was an especially popular watch around Halloween. Niko said it was a full circle moment, growing up as a Disney and Nickelodeon fan, to working on this show and now having fans reach out to him. 

“Seeing it hit number one [on Netflix] was surreal because you finally are able to see all of the hard work come together and it finally paid off.”

Thank you, Niko, for chatting with Young Entertainment. Follow him on his Instagram at @niko.ceci. Watch the video below where we ask Niko more about his character’s interests, his relationships with the cast members off screen, and what lessons he took away from filming season two. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment. 

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