Niko Sasaki’s Playlist for a Cozy Saturday In

If you’ve ever wondered what songs Niko Sasaki (played by Yuyu Kitamura) from Dead Boy Detectives would have playing in the background of a nice cozy Saturday inside, look no further… This playlist is packed full of songs that Niko’s character would blare on the speaker in her house. 

If you are looking for some musical inspiration and/or are a fan of the brand new Netflix original series, lend an ear to this specially curated playlist from Young Entertainment here.

This playlist is dressed with 16 of the most perfectly crafted new songs of today. Check out our top 3 picks from the playlist below. We absolutely loved…

1. “Here It Is” – Cian Ducrot

This soft song from Cian Ducrot is a perfect addition to a chill playlist for an easy afternoon. With tear jerking lyrics and piano motifs that tug on the heartstrings, this song is packed full of emotion and is sure to fit well into Niko’s Saturday easy listening.

2. “I Love When It Rains” – Loveless

After moving from Japan to the lovely state of Washington, Niko was bound to encounter a bit more rain than she was used to. We like to think that Niko has a taste for a bit of modern punk-rock- pop and this is the perfect edgy blend for her taste. This song is the new pop-rock classic for a rainy day in.

3. “RAW” – Victoria Justice

Last but not least, no playlist is complete without a song from Victoria Justice. This is the perfect R&B/pop addition to a Saturday inside. WE are positive that Niko would include this tune in her cozy day in.

Check out this video to meet Niko and some of the other characters in Dead Boy Detectives now:

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