From Broadway to Tiktok, T.3 Talks about Going Viral and Staying True to their Craft | Young Entertainment Exclusive

The tenor trio called T.3 first captured people’s hearts and ears with their powerful harmonies on TikTok. Then their performance of “Into The Unknown” from Frozen 2 on America’s Got Talent went viral! The group is on their first national tour and just released the EP “Option Up”.  We have an exclusive interview with Liam Fennecken, Brendan Jacob Smith, and Jim Hogan about how they got into the music industry on their own terms.

Each member of T.3 comes from a theater and music background. Jim moved to New York City after college and got involved with symphony orchestras. He also toured with Broadway and is currently the standby for Buddy in the musical Kimberly Akimbo. Brendan graduated from Ithaca College and currently plays Art Garfunkel in The Simon and Garfunkel Story. Liam toured the United States and South Korea in School of Rock and starred in Broadway’s Chicago as Amos Hart. 

Liam: “One thing I love about T.3 is that we can take all of our individual backgrounds as professional performers and mix it with all of our individual backgrounds as musicians and music fans and just general performers and see what happens, and so far it’s been pretty cool.”

The three were a part of a professional a cappella group in Cape Cod and met at an alumni reunion event for Penn State where Jim and Liam attended college. Their name T.3 comes from being dubbed the TikTok tenors.

In our interview, Jim revealed they originally turned down their first offer to perform on  America’s Got Talent  because they were just starting out. But a year later, they decided to audition and received standing ovations from all of the judges. 

Jim: “See what you love and put what you love into your artistry as much as you possibly can.”

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Consider this: 

  • Your big break can come when you least expect it. Keep putting yourself out there and gaining every experience you can. 

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