Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from January 28th- February 3rd

As January comes to a close, get a jump on February with these fresh finds! 

1) morgxn – BEACON

Popular artist morgxn is releasing his new album BEACON this week and it is a must-list for any and all pop fans out there. If you like artists like Justin Bieber or Harry Styles this pop-album should be right up your alley. With singles like “My Revival” and the title track “Beacon,” this album is packed full of hits that you do not want to miss out on. 

Check out the title track on YouTube here:

2) “Choir”

This Disney Original “Choir” is a docuseries that follows a charming teacher and the 1,000s of choir students that he has impacted through music over the last decades. Watch along this Wednesday to see Anthony White and this Motor City music group take on Detroit with their music and get ready for their big performance. Tune in to see the Detroit Youth Choir take on the world this week!

3) The Tiger’s Apprentice

Check out this new film about a young boy from San Francisco who encounters a tiger named Mr. Hu. Everything seems normal until he figures out that the tiger can speak. The two then ally and work together to uncover the ancient secrets of guardians who are protecting an ancient phoenix from evil. Watch the trailer for this new movie here:

4) A Reckless Oath – Kaylie Smith

The new book from Kaylie Smith, A Reckless Oath, is releasing this Tuesday. In this sequel to the beautiful and enchanting story A Ruinous Fate, read as Calla and her friends work together to face action, romance, and of course, magic. If you love a good fantasy read and are looking for something interesting to snuggle up with when the air is cold, you should look into this series from Kaylie Smith.

5) L Devine – Digital Heartifacts

Rising pop artist from England, L Devine is releasing her new album project Digital Heartifacts on Friday, February 2nd. With previously released singles like “Laundry Day” and “Slippin’ Away,” this album is full of emotion and magical melodies that will have you in a trance. Check out this aggressive album from rising pop icon L Devine this Friday. 

6) A Nashville Wish

In this marvelous musical love story, watch along as a country singer has to choose between his dreams of pursuing music or the love of his life. If you are a hopeless romantic and are looking for a heart-wrenching story to sink your teeth into, this might be the perfect new movie for you. The romantic story stars Lee Greenwood, Maxfield Camp, and Kaileigh Bullard. If you want to curl up and watch a beautiful love story unfold, you should check out this new film, premiering this week.

7) The Invocations – Krystal Sutherland

New York Times bestselling author Krystal Sutherland is now releasing her newest story The Invocations. This is a dark thriller that has everything from magic to mystery. Follow along to see protagonists Zara Jones and Jude Wolf face the challenges of the paranormal. If want a new fantasy story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, pick up this book wherever you get your books, this Tuesday. 

8) Orion and the Dark

Releasing February 2nd on Netflix, this animated film is a sweet film that features a little boy Orion who is beyond scared of the dark. Orion is then visited by the physical embodiment of his worst fear, Dark. Dark then takes him on a journey around the world to show him that there is nothing to be afraid of at night. This feature shows what it is like to overcome your fears and gain courage the courage to confront the scariest parts of life. 

9) “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur”

Check out season 2 of the Disney Channel original series “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” as 13-year-old girl Lunella summons a giant T-Rex into modern New York City using a time vortex. Watch along as this supergenius and the Devil Dinosaur work together to protect the city that she calls home. Season 2 starts airing on Disney Channel and Disney + starting February 2nd.

10) Fitting In

This new coming-of-age dramedy Fitting In stars Maddie Ziegler and is an ode to being a young woman going through the ups and downs of teen life. It shows the difficulties of being a young woman going through changes. Watch along as a young girl is diagnosed with a reproductive disorder and must navigate life and relationships along the way. This story is a bit heavy and a little on the mature side, but if you are up for it, it is a moving story with little bits of humor woven in. Fitting In is definitely worth checking out this weekend, releasing on February 3rd!

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