Callie on the run in new ‘Fosters’ promo

When last we saw The Fosters, pretty much everyone was in peril.

Callie was in the clutches of a pimp/drug dealer and Stef was headed in the wrong direction to find her; Jesus, still recovering from a traumatic brain injury, had just found out about Emma’s abortion and that Brandon and Mariana were also keeping the secret from him; and Lena was about to lose her job as Anchor Beach Charter School was on the cusp of going private. And season 5, which kicks off this summer, will start only seconds later.


As evidenced by the exclusive sneak peek above, things didn’t exactly get much better in those few seconds. Russell is still eyeing Callie like she’s a gourmet meal, Stef’s car chase appears to be going awry, Jesus has arrived home safely and is taking a bat to his/Brandon’s entire room as Emma looks on.