Cameron Crovetti shares what it’s like to star in Dirty John

Cameron Crovetti became famous in his role on Big Little Lies, alongside his brother Nicholas Crovetti. The two played Nicole Kidman’s twin sons on the show. (Check out YEM’s interview with Nicholas and Cameron Crovetti here!) Now, Cameron Crovetti has gone solo and is starring in the newest season of Bravo’s show Dirty John. Plus, he’ll also be seen on season two of Amazon’s The Boys. Learn how Cameron got into acting and how he’s keeping active during the pandemic!

Young Entertainment Mag: What first got you into acting and what have you enjoyed most about it?
Cameron Crovetti: It was my sister, who got me interested in acting. She was on a show called “The Neighbors” and my brother and I visited her on set. I loved the energy on set and how much fun everyone was having. My brother and I begged my mom for several years to let us start auditioning. She wanted to wait until we were ready and truly wanted to act. I have enjoyed so much about being an actor. But what I like most is being on set and creating new characters to play. I love the camaraderie of the cast and crew and creating pieces of work that people can watch and enjoy.
YEM: With quarantine and production shutdowns, how have you been keeping up with your acting?
Cameron: I am doing a lot of VO work at home. My mom converted one of our closets into a VO Studio. We also have the George family visiting us for the summer and we are busy making our film. I watch a lot of film and TV and watch the performances of my friends and peers. I am also reading lots of books and scripts.
YEM: You now have a role as Ryan Broderick in the USA Network TV series Dirty John. How does it feel to work alongside big-name entertainment figures such as Christian Slater and Amanda Peet, who play your parents on the series?
Cameron: It was great. Christian is nice. Sometimes he would bring his dog to set and Miles (who plays my brother) would hang on set with us and play with his dog and chat. Working on the show was so much fun because we filmed on the Universal lot. Miles and I would walk around the lot when we would wrap for the day and walk around the lot and check out the Jaws and other trams stop on the lot. The cast and crew were so nice it was a fun show to work on.

YEM: Your first big role came on HBO’s Big Little Lies where you played the son of Nicole Kidman’s character. What was your experience like with taking on your first big role, especially on a very popular show?
Cameron: Well, my sister had been acting for so long and my mom and dad are in the business, I was not nervous because I had been around sets and the industry my whole life. I was excited to be working on such a cool project. I did not know who Nicole was until my mom showed me some of her films. The same was for Meryl. Most of the time when you meet the actors you will be working with they are all very nice and cool. Nicole and Meryl were just that.
Nicole wanted to meet us for the first time before filming, so we went to her house to bond a little. She made us feel like family from the first day we met her. Working on BLL was amazing, everyone is like family. We all hung out when we were filming on location. The kids would all hang in each other’s rooms at night and in the morning we would all hang in the hotel restaurant and eat breakfast together. On off days we would hang and go to museums and swim in the pool. On set, my brother and I would play practical jokes on the crew. One day we brought our scream costume to set and scared the DP and AD. We were so sad when we wrapped.
YEM: You have worked with many well-known actors/actresses up to this point in your career. What have those experiences meant for you and how do you hope to incorporate what you have been taught from them?
Cameron: Every set I work on I learn something from the people I have worked with. A good actor learns from everyone from the directors to the actors to the DPs. Every actor has their process and I have learned from every one of them. Meryl taught me how to be a giving actor, Nicole taught me patience. Working along with Antony Starr on “The Boys “ was amazing and I loved watching him work. What I took away from working on The Boys and with Antony is listening to character from with-in yourself.  Alexander was the most relaxed guy on set and he taught me how to relax between scenes. I think even 20 years from now I will still be learning and honing my craft.
YEM: If you could choose any, what actors or actresses would you like to work with in future projects?
Cameron: I want to work with Zac Efron and Will Ferrell. They look like such fun guys to work with. I have done some really heavy and intense characters, it would be fun to do some comedy.
YEM: What type of roles or projects do you hope to be more involved in during the future?
Cameron: I would love to do any adaptation of a Stephen King book. He is one of my favorite authors. If they ever remade Stand By Me, I would love to be in that since I loved the book “The Body”.

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