Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti talk Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies has been taking viewers by storm. After an award winning premiere season, the HBO show returned this year for season two. The show, based on the novel of the same name, surrounds a group of women who must hide their deepest and darkest secrets. And fans are loving the thrilling and juicy storylines that this drama has to offer. The second season finale airs this Sunday, and we sat down with Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti (who play Celeste’s sons Max & Josh) to talk about the show.

Young Entertainment Mag: You play twins on the hit show Big Little Lies. The show is so popular. Do fans ever recognize you?

Cameron– We recently went shopping in Malibu at Fred Segal and a lot of the sales associates recognized us. They asked to take pictures with us and were really excited. Of course, a lot of them asked if Alexander was nice and told us they thought he was hot. Nick and I were like, “Ah… Okay…”  What do you say to that?  ‘Thank you?’ (laughs)

Nick– Then we went to Starbucks and a mom with her daughter freaked out and asked to take pictures with us. I think she posted that on Instagram. It is a ton of fun because people really love the show and are really nice about it. We were sitting down eating at these communal tables in Santa Monica and our mom was talking to a family that sat down next to us.  The man sitting next to us said, “All of your kids are so pretty. Do they act?”  When my mom said we are on “Big Little Lies,” the dad actually did a spit take and yelled, ”No way!” I wish we got that on tape. It was so funny.

YEM: How did you decide who would play Max and who would play Josh? Did you have to audition for each part?

Cameron: We got the audition and my mom basically picked who would play who. When we had our directors session, my mom actually told Jean Marc who would be better for which part. When we auditioned for the part, there were a lot of identical twins in the waiting room dressed exactly the same.  Our mom had said how she was not going to dress us alike.  She said Josh and Max were two separate people: individuals. So she dressed us not only differently, but also for the essence of the characters.  I wore more sporty clothes.

Nick – I wore more preppy clothes and that has kind of stuck for how wardrobe has dressed us for both seasons. Cameron is more sporty and I wear a lot of Ralph Lauren.  You can even see Cameron wearing a beanie when we meet Ziggy for the first time. His look is skater and sporty and mine is preppy and tailored.

YEM: How have Max and Josh changed this season versus season one?

Cameron – Josh is really angry in Season 2.  He was not the biter in season one and kept all his feelings inside for Season 1. This season, he is just as angry as Max and acting out on his feelings.

Nick– Max during season one was acting out what he saw his dad doing to his mom. In Season 2, he is acting out on his sadness from his dad dying.

YEM: In Season one, we found out that Max had been hurting Amabella at school. Will season two deal with the aftermath of that?

Nick– I can’t give anything away, so you’ll have to tune in to find out more 😉

YEM: Max and Josh recently lost their father. How are they adjusting to life without their dad?

Cameron – Not well. You have already seen how the boys are fighting more with each other. In the first couple of episodes, Josh brings up dealing with a dead father to his class. He also expresses at the dinner table with Mary Louis and Celeste that he misses his dad.

Nick– Yeah, in the first couple of episodes, Max fights with his brother and tells his mom to “‘F’ off.”  You can see the boys are really hurting.

YEM: Did you learn anything from working with such famous actors on set?

Cameron– I learned so much during the screaming scene with Meryl. She was amazing. She was told by the A.D. that she did not have to scream for every take for that scene. But every take, whether the camera was on her or us, she screamed and gave it 100 percent. She is really that giving of an actress.

Nick– Nicole was so professional and caring on set.  When we had the fight scene, the stunt coordinator wrapped her arm where I was to hit her. She told me to just go for it and hit her and she would be okay. What actor says to a kid, “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. Just go ahead and hit me?” Nicole did, which is another reason why we love her so much. She really cares about us and our acting just as much as her own. So when you watch that scene, Cameron and I were allowed to let loose and fight. The scene is incredibly raw and real. We were all crying by the end of that scene.

YEM: You’re working with Meryl Streep this season! What was it like to work with her?

Cameron – She is the kindest, most caring person. She is so, so sweet. She wanted to make sure she bonded with us before we started filming. The first day we met her, she sat down on the ground with us. She got down to our level and just talked and hung out with us.

Nick– When the cameras were not rolling, she made us feel so comfortable with her. We would talk to her and ask her questions. One day we were talking about music and told her we loved the song “Safety Dance.” So she asked the director to play the song and we all danced on set.  She even did the Running Man in her cute granny Mary Louis loafers. It was so funny!

YEM: What do you like to do in your spare time when you’re not acting?

Cameron – I play the guitar, sing and dance. I am also a competitive gymnast. We love to travel as a family together and have family game nights.

Nick– I play baseball and soccer. We loved hanging with our friends and having people over to watch “Big Little Lies.” (laughs)