Cameron J. Wright talks music and new episodes of Family Reunion on Netflix!

Fourteen year old Cameron J. Wright stars as Mazzi McKellan in hit Netflix series Family Reunion. And Part 3 of the show premieres today! Cameron J. Wright stars alongside Tia Mowery, Richard Roundtree and Talia Jackson. (Check out YEM’s interview with Talia Jackson here!) Family Reunion follows a family of six who travel from Seattle to Georgia for their McKellan Family Reunion. Then they decide to stay there to be with their family in this small town life. On top of the hit series, Cameron J. Wright is also part of a music group founded by Nick Cannon called Ncredible Kids. Their new song called All of My Hours is out now streaming on all music platforms. YEM spoke with Cameron J. Wright about his impressive career as a triple threat and the new season of his show!

Young Entertainment Mag: Part 3 of your show Family Reunion premieres today on Netflix! Are you excited for the world to finally see it?

Cameron J. Wright: Yes, I am extremely excited! I know families all over the world are going to love it. I can’t wait for everyone to tune in!

YEM: How did you get started in acting?

Cameron: For me, everything started with music. I have been playing the piano since I was 5 years old and singing when I was 6. I found a love for performing on stage which led me into the acting world.

YEM: Do you relate at all to your character of Mazzi? What are some of the biggest similarities and differences that you have to your character?

Cameron: I definitely relate to Mazzi. The biggest similarity is that we both love for music. It is great to play a character that loves music as much as I do. A difference between us is that he plays the trumpet and I do not, but I would definitely love to learn some day.

YEM: What can we see in this upcoming part of the show that we have not seen previously?

Cameron: For Part 3 you will see some new guest stars that you haven’t seen previously. You will also see the McKellans deal with new and life learning lessons.

YEM: Family is a big part of the show. Do you think there is a lot to learn in the show about family that we can take away?

Cameron: A big life lesson is that family sticks together no matter what. That is a common theme across the entire show and I really hope it is something that people can take away from it.

Cameron J. Wright

YEM: Family Reunion is a show that creates a light-hearted, feel-good environment, do you think it is important for this type of show to be highlighted on television during these times?

Cameron: I think it is very important! This show can definitely bring families together to share a good laugh or talk about a life lesson or touching moments. I am really honored to be part of a show like this.

YEM: What are some of the best acting tips that you picked up while working on the set of Family Reunion?

Cameron: The best acting tip I can give is to really put yourself in the shoes of your character and react to the people around you like you are really in the moment. That is a tip that can be very helpful.

YEM: What have been some of your favorite moments of being on the show so far?

Cameron: An all time favorite moment for me is when Charlie Wilson was in an episode. I actually got to sing with him off camera and it was the coolest thing ever! All in all, there are so many great moments on set just being around the entire cast and crew.

YEM: Besides acting you also have a music group called Ncredible Crazy Kids founded by Nick Cannon and Republic Music Label,How is that?

Cameron: Being a part of Ncredible Crazy Kids is such an amazing experience and I am really grateful to be a part of the band. Nick Cannon is such a great mentor for us so it is really inspring to get to work with him.

YEM: Your group just came out with a song called “All of my Hours”, What is it about and what was the process of making it like?

Cameron: “All Of My Hours” is a song about love and it has a beat that you can vibe to as well. The process of making it was amazing! It’s always great to spend a day in the studio especially with my bandmates.

YEM: How do you balance your music and acting career?

Cameron: It can be crazy to balance the two, but since I love what I do, it doesn’t feel like work. I am passionate about both acting and music that I will do whatever it takes to pursue both.

See Cameron J. Wright in Part 3 of Family Reunion, out today on Netflix!