What Can We Expect From The Teen Wolf Finale?

Tonight MTV will air the 100th and final episode for their hit drama, Teen Wolf.  With all the craziness happening, this final season fans are wondering what they can expect from the last episode.  Well we have a few ideas.

Firstly, thanks to the script page released by EW, we know the episode will feature a flash-forward.  Here we will see an unspecified time period with an older Scott McCall and Argent searching through a smog-covered Los Angeles, on some kind of mission.  McCall is also seen riding his motorcycle down an LA street.  “I’m going to tell you a story. Maybe it’ll sound familiar,” he narrates.  There was this kid. Sixteen, alone, and running for his life. He couldn’t see them, but he could hear them getting closer. They had guns crossbows. They were hunting him.  The opening concludes with a crossbow firing at a young boy running through an alley.  How this connects to the ongoing story and the remainder of the episode, we will have to see tonight.

 The opening is a very dark and sad to say the least, setting the tone for the remainder of the episode.  We expect the finale to be very somber (in terms of writing and the experience).  Actor Tyler Posey spoke about the finale teasing a sad death tonight. So we won’t be surprised to see blood stained fur flying one more time.
Posey admitted that he had an influence in the writing of the opening act.  He also spoke about an idea that he pitched for a potential spinoff.  Therefore, we’re half expecting a teaser of setup for a new series that will continue on the Teen Wolf universe.
We’ll be sure to check back after the finale to see how the 100th episode leaves us.  The Teen Wolf finale airs tonight on MTV at 8pm.