Michael Campion Dishes on Season 3 of Fuller House

This weekend marks the 30th anniversary of Full House, and the Tanner family is back! The third season of Fuller House was just released on Netflix. Young Entertainment Mag sat down  with Michael Campion, who plays Jackson Fuller, DJ’s oldest son on Fuller House. Michael tells us about life on set, what’s in store for his character, and teases what’s to come in Season 3.

YEM: What can you tell us about the upcoming season of Fuller House? What’s in store for Jackson in Season 3?
Michael Campion: Oh man, we got a lot of good stuff. Jackson definitely develops a lot of his character this season. There’s a lot of goofy stuff that he does. He has new relationships with a lot of people. Just a ton of stuff. He definitely learns a lot of life lessons, and I think it’s going to be really funny to see how he deals with it in his Jackson way, which is great. I would be friends with Jackson if I met him, gotta be honest here.

Photo credit: Melissa Coulier

YEM: Last season, Jackson told his Aunt Stephanie that he feels like he is the only member of the family that isn’t special. What do you think is special about Jackson?
MC: Well he’s not like most guys. He’s really caring, especially about girls. Like with Lola, all he wanted was just a nice relationship. He didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. He’s just a genuinely nice guy. Compared to his friends, he’s better than most, because half of the time he spends doing things for other people. When he does things for himself, it’s very minimal. He doesn’t try to get his own way a lot, which is a really good characteristic about Jackson. If he was my friend, we’d have a great time.

YEM: Jackson has a great growing friendship with Ramona. They didn’t start out as friends, but now they’re like partners in crime. Will we see more storylines between them?
MC: Oh yeah, for sure. We definitely develop more of a brother-sister relationship. We help each other out a lot. We did the bulk [of developing their relationship] in Season 2. So now they’re like, “if you need help with anything, just hit me up.” They know they can count on each other. There’s definitely a lot of good stuff coming up this season especially centered around girls.

YEM: Are we going to see more of Jackson and Lola?
MC: Yeah, there’s three episodes this season with Lola. And there may be a love interest for Ramona. Maybe, who knows?

YEM: A lot of fans really like the idea of Jackson and Ramona as a couple.
MC: Yeah it’s interesting because Soni [Bringas, who plays Ramona], she actually acts like that in real life. So we’re definitely like brother and sister. She’s like my sister in real life.

YEM: The cast of the show seems so close. What’s it like working with Candace Cameron Bure[who plays DJ Tanner Fuller]? Has she given you any advice since she was filming Full House at your age?
MC: Oh yeah, definitely. Me and her, we share the same faith, we’re both Christian so right off the bat we had a connection, which was nice. She’s actually a lot like a mother to me. The scenes that we do together kind of blend into real life and we become closer. I think that’s really cool because that happens with everyone on set. I feel like Jodie [Sweetin, who plays Stephanie Tanner] is like my aunt, and Andrea [Barber, who plays Kimmy Gibbler] too.

YEM: What was your audition process like?
MC: I didn’t know I was being cast as Jackson Fuller until I actually was there. I was like, “Wait, Fuller House!” At the very last audition, it just hit me. So that was pretty cool. I actually live in Florida, so I actually did a lot of video auditions. Basically what happened is, I did that first [audition], and they liked me so they said, “Ok, we’re going to send you another script, and just change up your look a little bit.” And I did that about three times until they said that they wanted us out there [in California]. So we went out there for the final audition, and they literally told me in the audition room that I got the part. It was crazy. And, fun fact, I actually got it on the week of my birthday, so that was like, the best birthday present ever (laughs).

YEM: How familiar were you with Full House before you were cast as Jackson?
MC: I actually watched Full House for years. I was into it at a very young age. I love the show, it’s great.

YEM: Did you have a favorite episode of Full House?
MC: I had a favorite season. Probably Season 3, because DJ was my age and I kind of related to her more in that season.

YEM: Which is great, because you’re filming Season 3 of Fuller House right now.
MC: Yeah, there you go!

YEM: Speaking Full House, your show Fuller House has had a lot of great guest stars that appeared on Full House. Are there any Full House guest stars that we haven’t seen on the show yet that you’d like to see on Fuller House?
MC: Actually, there’s a few [in Season 3] that make cameos that we have not seen yet, which is nice. I kind of want to see Steve’s family. I’ve been thinking about that. We never actually saw Steve’s family [in Full House]. But that’d be cool.

YEM: So now I have to ask: who do you ship DJ with? Are you Team Steve or Team Matt?
MC: Definitely Team Matt, I’m sorry. I know a lot of people are Team Steve, but it’s Team Matt for me. He’s just so cool! I mean they work together, and he’s so nice. I actually didn’t have many episodes with Matt. But, just the way that he treats her, I think it’s so nice to see them together.

Photo credit: Melissa Coulier

YEM: The fans of Fuller House are so loyal to the show. What’s it like to have so many dedicated fans of the show?
MC: I get recognized maybe about 20 percent of the time, and the fans are just so nice! They always come up, and they’re so polite. They come up and they’re like, “Hey, you’re Jackson! Can we get a picture?” They’re so nice. I have a lot of fan pages, and so does Candace, so does Andrea. All the fans are just so nice. I love them all.

YEM: Since Fuller House is a reboot of Full House, would you consider doing a reboot of Fuller House 20 years from now?
MC: “Fullest House”?

YEM: Exactly! Would you consider doing a reboot like that?
MC: Oh man, maybe if it was like five episodes just to see what’s up with the characters. I don’t know, I think that’d be pretty cool. I don’t know who Jackson would be married to, that gets me thinking. I would love to do that.

YEM: Fuller House is on Netflix- what’s your favorite Netflix show? Other than Fuller House of course.
MC: Stranger Things, for sure. It’s a very re-watchable show. I watched it all in one day.

The third season of Fuller House is now streaming on Netflix!