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Fans of women empowerment content may know of Rebel Girls, a company on a mission to inspire and instill confidence in girls, founded by Elena Favilli in 2016. For anyone looking to learn more about the series and its various installments, we have an exclusive interview with actress and writer Catherine Bradley, who will have some of her own poetry and advice published in the new book Dear Rebel: 145 Women Share Their Best Advice for the Girls of Today, out this October. We talked to Catherine about growing up reading the Rebel Girls books to now writing for them, the special bond she has with the women in her family, the power of writing, and more, brought to you by Young Entertainment Exclusive. 

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The new Dear Rebel book, part of the Rebel Girl series, is available for preorder now. In the book, 145 women share their best advice for young girls today through a variety of mediums including letters, poems, essays, and more. 

Rebel Girls is a digital media company and children’s book publisher and is an empowered brand for young women, focused on creating a girl-empowered society. Its various literary works focus on the biographies of women from around the world and throughout history. The company’s goal is to show young girls real life role models to look up to and shows all different types of womanhood from all different backgrounds. Rebel Girls also produces a podcast called Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: The Podcast. Each episode features a story of a woman from the book Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, narrated by inspiring women including Melinda Gates and Jameela Jamil. 

In addition to being a writer, Catherine is an actress who is known for her portrayal of Lily Potter Jr. in Harry Potter and The Cursed Child on Broadway. She is also known for her role as Penny Baker in the TV series Happy!, and her roles on other shows including Law & Order SVU, voicing Demma in season 5 of Bubble Guppies and her most recent role as Luan Loud in the Nickelodeon Live-Action Movie, A Loudhouse Christmas. 

Catherine told us that she grew up with Rebel Girls, as her mom used to read Rebel Girl books to her and her two sisters every night from ages 5 to 12, highlighting how special it was that she is now part of the series herself. Even as an actress, Catherine said she has always loved writing and being able to express herself through words. After writing a poem about Anne Frank in sixth grade, she fell in love with poetry as an art form, and also shares the passion of poetry with her mom and sisters.

Catherine said going from being on stage and on screen to becoming an author was an especially cool journey in that they went well together because they are all forms of art. She said she hopes to continue writing and publishing in the future, especially through sharing life stories and being relatable for young girls. 

Catherine said she hopes readers of the new Rebel Girl book understand through the writing just how different her and her siblings are from one another, but also the deep love they have for each other. When asked about the importance of Rebel Girl, Catherine said the books show the importance and the bond of sisterhood and how this doesn’t necessarily just have to extend to family but instead to women everywhere. 

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