Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from September 25th- October 1st

Check out this week’s freshest finds! From movies to books to music, you are sure to find something new this week!

1) 57 Seconds

Join Morgan Freeman and Josh Hutcherson in their newest blockbuster film 57 Seconds. Watch along as a tech blogger releases the power of a time-manipulating device that takes him 57 seconds into the past to alter history and get his revenge. Watch this action-packed battle for survival on Friday September 29th.

2) The Scarlet Veil by Shelby Mahurin

In this book by Shelby Mahurin, author of Serpent and Dove, we see the story of an interesting vampire romance between Célie and her fiancé Jean Luc. Read along as they take on the world in this thrilling story. 

3) “The Voice” Season 24

Tune in this week for the 24th season of America’s beloved singing competition “The Voice”. Watch as four musical icons (Reba McEntire, Niall Horan, Gwen Stefani, and John Legend) take on the next wave of musical talent in this classic singing series.

4) Autumn Variations – Ed Sheeran

After his most recent tour, Ed Sheeran is already dropping his next album project Autumn Variations. The British singer-songwriter is said to feature 14 new tracks that will blow us all out of the water. If you are a fan of Ed Sheeran or acoustic pop in general, this is the album for you!

5) “Gen V” 

Gen V is the newest superhero television series that is releasing this week. It is a new take on the comic book The Boys and is premiering on Amazon Prime on September 29th. If you love DC, Marvel or anything superhero related, make sure to check out this series!

For more insight into this series and the minds/stars behind it check out the YEM interview with star of The Boys, Cameron Crovetti here!

6) If I Have to Be Haunted by Miranda Sun

In this thrilling and romantic novel by Miranda Sun, we see a young Chinese girl Cara Tang who is being haunted by her dead nemesis. Join her as she faces trials and tribulations and makes a deal with her American ghost. Look wherever you get your books on September 26th. 

7) Warrior Strong 

Warrior Strong is a story that follows Bilal Irving as he tries to save his basketball career by taking refuge in his high school basketball team. If you are a sports fan or even if you are just looking for an inspirational story, you have to check out this film on Netflix, Prime or Hulu today! 

8) Esquinas – Becky G

Becky G is dropping her new album Esquinas this week! This word is loosely translated to “Corners” in English. The artist’s third studio album features several cross over songs in both English and Spanish and is sure to contain something for everyone! Check out Esquinas now. 

9) Dreamin’ Wild 

If you are looking for a family friendly movie to watch with the whole gang, this is the movie for you! With a stacked cast featuring Zooey Deschanel and Casey Affleck, the acting and production of this film is top tier. Watch as they tell the story of musical brothers Donnie and Joe Emerson and their musical success with their album Dreamin’ Wild.

10) 20 Number Ones – Thomas Rhett

20 Number Ones is the collection of hitmaker Thomas Rhett. After reaching the milestone of 20 hit songs, he has compiled all of these into a fresh album collection. Check out his achievement album today!

If you are looking for something new this week, we hope you found it on this list! Tune in next week to find out what’s new in October!