Check out Fabriq’s new music video: Serotonin

Is there a difference between “real happiness” and “Serotonin”, or is happiness just a temporary fix, like morning coffee? We all want immediate satisfaction in a world where everything happens so quickly- but that’s not how the pursuit of happiness works – at least, in our youthful opinion.

Electro-pop duo Fabriq challenges this notion in their new song and video titled “Serotonin”, the second release from their upcoming EP that drops on Friday, November 2nd. Serotonin is about trying to help someone you love, by seeing past the fleeting fixes. The entire EP, also titled “Serotonin”, examines how the rest of the relationship plays out – whether or not it’s possible to change someone for the better or love them unconditionally as they are.

Check out the video below: