Check out the newest single from The Martinez Twins!

The Martinez Twins, comprised of twin brothers Ivan and Emilio Martinez, are musicians and internet personalities known worldwide. The Martinez Twins were born and raised in a small town called Granollers in Barcelona, Spain. They rose to fame in when they joined Jake Paul’s Team 10 group. Since leaving the group, their success has skyrocketed. The twins even dropped first single of the year today called Paraiso! The single is a sampling of their forthcoming EP, which is set to released this summer. YEM spoke with The Martinez Twins about their career and their new music!

Young Entertainment Mag: How did you first get involved in music?

Ivan Martinez: Music has been everything for me. I have always had a passion for music eaven I was kinda scared to start it. When I listen to music I feel like I’m in my own world I can decide to be happy or sad, and that is what I want do. I want to express my feelings.

Emilio Martinez: To be honest, WE LOVED MUSIC since we were kids. When I was 10 years old, every afternoon after school, I used to sing and dance Michael Jacksons songs while watching them on out TV. Since then I knew that music was everything for me, he became an idol for me and I still dance and trying to be like him.

YEM: When did you both decide to go into music together as the duo The Martinez Twins?

Ivan: My brother and I have been together always so we kinda didn’t “decide” it, we didn’t think about it, it just happened. He likes to sing I like to rap more so it’s the prefect duo!

Emilio: We both have loved music since we were kids. But the day we said we wanna do music was in 2017, when because of our social media, we got invited to Premios Juventud in Miami,  and we saw all the amazing performances. We met J Balvin and we were like WOW we wanna do this we wanna work hard to get there and be like them.

YEM: You both are The Martinez Twins. So as twins – how similar are you two? Is it easy for fans to tell you both apart?

Emilio: I think we are pretty similar, we have been together for 20 years and we do everything together. Physically we are really similar but when you get to know us you see the difference.

Ivan: We are really similar, same pleasures, same favorite sports… we actually like the same things…I hope one day we don’t have to fight for the same girl! But the people that know us really well they all say we are different…I feel my fans know who is who, like they can tell us apart. In our videos we show how we are, who gets angry and who doesn’t, who is more funny and who’s more happy… we show just how we are. I can say, our fans can tell us apart.

YEM: How would you describe your sound? How did The Martinez Twins find their sound?

Ivan: When I was little I looked up to Daddy Yankee and Nicky Jam… that’s how I found my sound and what I like to do.

Emilio: When we were 17 years old we moved to Los Angeles and started speaking and listening everything in English, we had to learn english because we didn’t speak it when we got there. Since we were in LA we were missing our home and our language, so we started playing more spanish songs. We loved Ozuna, J Balvin and Daddy Yankee. So everytime we are far from our home town we play those songs and it all kinda took off from there.

YEM: You’re releasing your first single of the year called Paraiso. Tell us about the song.

Ivan: I have always wanted to make a song like Paraiso. It talks about a girl you see at the club dancing and having fun and you feel love at first sight… All we wanna express with this song is that you can actually have “love at first sight” and you have to fight for the girl you want in your life. It also talks about having fun with her that night.

Emilio: Yeah! We are so excited! This is gonna be our beginning we are so nervous! Paraíso is one of those types of songs that makes you move your body!  I love when music can change your mood and Paraiso does that! Paraiso is the song we always dreamed about. Can’t wait to release it and see everyone dancing!

YEM: You’ll be releasing an EP this year! What can fans of The Martinez Twins expect from the new EP?

Emilio: So they actually don’t know we are releasing music yet. They have seen some sneak peeks and they might think about it. But they don’t really know we are doing MUSIC! Surprise, surprise!

Ivan: It’s crazy that I’m even responding to this question… it’s a dream come true. All our thoughts, all we love, all our happy and sad moments… all of that will be in the first EP.

YEM: You currently have more than 4 million followers on Youtube! What’s it like to know that many people are listening to your music?

Emilio: We are so thankful, we love every single one of our followers, they are our family and we can’t wait to show them on what we have been working on.

Ivan: Feels like it was yesterday when I was creating our new YouTube channel and thinking about what it will be called… We are a big family and I love them all so much and now sharing music for them is gonna be awesome. I work hard for this and I can’t wait to show them what we have “cooking”.