Netflix’s Never Have I Ever starts Monday!

If you are looking for something new to stream, consider checking out the new Netflix series Never Have I Ever! The show will officially be available on the streaming giant on April 27th. With 10 episodes, the series follows life through the lens of an Indian-American teen girl named Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan).

Devi and her friends must deal with sophomore year of high school, boys, classes, learning moments, and all the typical scenarios associated with adolescence. However, the series also integrates an Indian-American girl trying to associate with her own heritage while also balancing American culture.

Photo Credit: Variety

Consequently, this could lead to tough decisions and depict multiple layers to Devi’s persona as she must grapple with her identity and find a way to be committed to both cultures she is a part of.

Similar to shows focusing on diversity like Fresh Off the Boat, Never Have I Ever will be a mainstream show that brings light to Indian-Americans. It gives them more representation onscreen as diversity continues to be a major point of focus in the entertainment industry.

For Indian-Americans especially, this series can resonate because not many American TV series have featured Indian-American protagonists. A few notable ones include fellow Netflix Original Master of None starring Aziz Ansari, ABC’s Quantico featuring Priyanka Chopra, and The Mindy Project starring Mindy Kaling.

Speaking of Mindy Kaling, the talented actress created and produced this new show. As a result, this is a symbol of how far she has come since her days on The Office. Never Have I Ever is the newest show featuring an Indian-American lead. Yet, it can certainly relate to younger Indian-Americans more this time. This new sitcom continues to build on a terrific trend of having minorities play the lead. In addition, it also builds on a trend of having a large majority of the cast in an American TV series be minorities.

So here’s a glimpse into the series trailer:

Let’s hope Devi’s adventures serve her well!

So will you be tuning in to the release of the Netflix series on April 27?