Chiara and Bianca D’ambrosio share what it’s like to star in their own show!

Twins Chiara and Bianca D’ambrosio have lots of experience on screen. First, they both played Summer Newman on Young & the Restless (like the Olsen Twins played Michelle in Full House.) Fans may recognize Chiara as Cassie from the Disney+ series Diary of a Future President. Similarly, Chiara and Bianca D’ambrosio have worked on Nickelodeon where they played Abby and Norah on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn. Now they are starring in “yA,” the new spinoff of the Emmy award winning show The Bay. The show will be starting off on Popstar!TV and then moving to Amazon. It will follow the Sanders Sisters after they move from the rural Central Coast into a million dollar house in Bay City, California. Check out our interview with Chiara and Bianca D’ambrosio about playing the roles of Frankie & Regan Sanders.

Young Entertainment Mag: What made you decide to pursue acting?

Chiara D’ambrosio: We started acting when we were three years old. People would always stop my parents on the street asking them if we were in the business, and after a while of considering it, my parents decided to send us out for auditions. After a couple of auditions, we booked the role of playing young Summer Newman on the Young and the Restless. Ever since then, we’ve been obsessed.

YEM: What do you like about getting to work together on film projects?

Chiara: I think that the best part about working together on film projects with my sister is that we can help each other research our lines, and we have amazing chemistry together when we are on screen.

Bianca D’ambrosio: I love having someone to always run lines with and to talk too. Working with my sister every day is so fun and she always helps me with my scenes and vice versa.

YEM: What is your new show yA about?

Chiara: I play Regan Sanders, who is the twin sister of Frankie Sanders. Regan and Frankie move from Colorado to Bay City, California after their father died to live with their grandmother. The season is set during the first week of school and the drama escalates from there.

Bianca: yA is about Frankie and Regan Sanders moving from Colorado to Bay City California. When they arrive, their lives take a crazy turn and they go on many adventures and a lot of drama happens.

YEM: Tell us a little more about your characters Frankie and Regan Sanders.

Chiara: Regan is a shy yet lovable character. She always looks for the best in people and believes in second chances. . Regan loves her sister more than anything and always is looking out for her.

Bianca: Frankie is spunky, outgoing, and will always try to get what she wants. She hides her pain more than Regan, and throughout the season, the other characters try to tear down her wall. She says what’s on her mind and might be sometimes a little too honest.

YEM: Had you seen The Bay, the series yA is based on?

Chiara: Yes, I have watched the entire show with my family and it is amazing. I’m so grateful to be a part of the Bay family.

Bianca: Yes! The Bay is an incredible series that has lots of scandals and family drama.

YEM: What is it like being YouTubers in addition to actors? Also, what do you like about YouTube?

Chiara: Bianca and I started Youtube to allow others to see what happens day-to-day in our life and acting career. I love that Youtube lets me connect with others through the platform and create original content for everyone to enjoy.

Bianca: I love being a YouTuber! The fun videos and collabs make being a creator on that platform such an exciting experience.

YEM: What actors, influencers, or film professionals have been your inspirations?

Chiara: Jodie Comer is my favorite actress and has been such an important inspiration to me. She fully invests herself into any character she plays, and watching her in Killing Eve was incredible. I look up to her as an actress and I would love to work with her one day.

Bianca: Jodie Comer is my number one acting inspiration. She is so dedicated to her work and it shows through her characters. She knows how to make people feel emotions in her acting projects.

YEM: So, what are your plans for your future careers?

Chiara: In the future I hope to continue as an actress and to become a screenwriter. I want to explore all varieties of the business, and create a project that will change the world.

Bianca: I plan on continuing in my career as an actor and working hard on becoming a director. Becoming a director is my ultimate goal of being in the entertainment business.

YEM: What are the projects you’ve done in the past that have had the most influence on you?

Chiara: In some ways, all of the projects I’ve done made an impact on me as a person. One role I would say that influenced me most was playing Regan Sanders. Working on set this many months has made me realize  how in sync our personalities are.

Bianca: I feel like every project I do stays with me forever. I think that my role as Frankie Sanders has had the most influence on my life.

YEM: Finally, what are some of your hobbies? You do a lot together, but what are some things you enjoy doing apart?

Chiara: Some hobbies I enjoy are going swimming, playing tennis with my family and friends, and writing a few projects when I have free time.

Bianca: I love to read and write! I enjoy having a warm cup of coffee and reading new stories. I recently took a screenwriting class and I adored learning the behind the scenes process of movies and television shows.