Chilling Adventures of Sabrina P3 E5 Recap: Let Round 2 of the Unholy Regalia Commence!

It’s time for the second challenge of the Unholy Regalia in hell. Which is going on between Prince Caliban and Sabrina. The teen is initially reluctant to go forth with the challenge in Episode 5 of Part 3. Although she would threaten the coven’s powers if she didn’t.

Well, what is the next item on the list? It’s the bowl of Pontius Pilate in Golgotha. However, getting there requires going into an eternal time loop, so one tiny mistake from Sabrina could be costly. Spellman gets to the location of her next item through a portal (which Dorian Gray has as we have all come to know).

Immediately upon getting to an area that is deemed the Place of Skulls, Pontius Pilate himself pinpoints Sabrina and throws her into a cage, holding her captive. It turns out a shirtless Caliban is already there and stuck as well. Along with a guy named Barabbas who mentions that those going after the bowl have been unsuccessful.

When all three are held in chains outside as a sort of “prisoner ceremony,” Pontius admits he will pardon one of the three. Caliban desperately tries to free himself to no avail. While Pontius washes his hands in the bowl, Sabrina implements a glamour spell to make it look like Barabbas runs off with the bowl afterward when it was her. Though Pontius’ henchman comes after Sabrina, she manages to escape, leaving Caliban to wither.

Meanwhile, Nick is getting cleansed through a ritual. The ritual to remove any remnants of the Dark Lord’s influence and the drugs that he had taken. This is in hope of his stress being eliminated and him being able to move forward.

While Sabrina is busy with her Queen of Hell tasks, the Pagans and the Black Lord continue to utilize their power on Greendale citizens. The Pagans have cast a spider spell on Hilda which is slowly transforming her into one. The Black Lord’s influence causes Melvin and Elspeth to try and join the Pagans, and Elspeth is sacrificed. Harvey is also a puppet to the freed Black Lord and becomes driven to physically damage the carnival with a few jocks until a Pagan turns the jocks into pigs. In Blackwood’s body, the Dark Lord is keeping tabs of all these incidents. While all his counterparts are out doing the destruction, Robin tries to stay under the radar with Theo, dodging most questions about his personal life and background.

After completing the task, Sabrina sees an awake Nick who is rid of all the drugs in his body. However, this doesn’t change his mind from what he said the last episode and is steadfast in focusing on himself. Though Sabrina does not want to end things, the couple decides to part ways. When the teen returns to hell, she and Lilith conclude Caliban could be gone for good, but just when all that hope may prove true, the macho, shirtless prince returns. The challenge is now tied as Sabrina also cheated Caliban in this second challenge by leaving him behind. There is one unholy item remaining.

To end the episode, Gryla and a few other witches are summoned. But they appear unhappy and are poised to come after the coven..