Oona Laurence and what makes a Big Time Adolescence

Oona Laurence is one of the young up-and-coming actors starring in Big Time Adolescence. The movie, also starring Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly, takes an interesting look at growing up. The movie revolves about Mo, who may look like your average sixteen year old. The only thing is, his best friend is his sister’s 23 year old ex-boyfriend, Zeke. Mo looks up to Zeke, almost like a mentor. What could go wrong…right?

Like any teenager, Mo deals with high school relationships. A girl named Sophie catches his eye with her dark humor and brutal honesty. Oona Laurence does an amazing job at playing Sophie. This may be Mo’s story. But Oona Laurence’s role as Sophie will leave audiences mesmerized.

YEM had the chance to speak with Oona Laurence about the film. And of course, about her own Big Time Adolescence. The movie shows how crazy the world of teenagers can be. So we had to ask Oona, what’s it like dealing with high school and being a working actor?

Oona attends a school for teenagers that are already in the workforce. Not just fell actors, but athletes and other teens that are working too. So her high school experience isn’t exactly like her character’s experience. But she said that no matter where you grow up, the themes of the movie are universal. She can relate to it, and her friends outside the entertainment industry can relate to it as well. As for how she handles it all at such a young age, Oona said this. “It’s all about time management. Whether you’re an actress or a soccer player or anything, it’s all about how you manage your time.”

Oona told us her character’s complexity is what drew her to the script. “I love how Sophie is such a well rounded character. She’s more than just a love interest.”

That’s for sure. Sophie has a dark sense of humor, but she definitely keeps it real. And every once in a while, she’ll slip in a dark take about reality. She even mentions to Mo how there’s a double standard at high school parties. Boys are praised for how they act, but girls are criticized if they act the same way.

“I definitely have moments where I’m talking to my friends and that sense of humor comes out,” Oona said. “What I loved about the script was that is was so real and realistic.”

Another thing Oona said was a highlight of filming Big Time Adolescence was the people she got to work with. She added that she’s been a fan of Pete Davidson for a long time, especially his standup. So getting the chance to work with him on the movie was special. She also said that the crew was just as amazing. Everyone was really professional and wanted to tell a great story.
Fans may recognize Oona Laurence from other roles she’s starred in. Oona played the role of Matilda on Broadway when she was a kid. And being on a Broadway stage definitely has its differences from starring in a movie.
“With theater, you’re playing the same show each night. So you have to find a way to keep things fresh,” she said. “Matilda has so many elements of fantasy. It’s very different to play a character that’s so realistic. I can definitely relate to Sophie, I definitely have bits of Sophie in me.”
Be sure to watch Oona Laurence in Big Time Adolescence. The movie premieres today on Hulu and is in select theaters now!