Chilling Adventures of Sabrina P3 E8 Recap: A Finale Through Time

In the final episode of Part 3, Sabrina, Lilith, and Lucifer are seen engraved in stone in the Ninth Circle of Hell decades after the pagans won the battle and Caliban ruled hell. However, another Sabrina appears and decides to rescue herself so she can prevent all this from happening.

But first, with all the Unholy Regalia items and King Herod, Pontius Pilate, and Judas Iscariot, Sabrina heads to the Spellman Mortuary in the future and learns everyone has died, including Zelda, Hilda, Prudence, and even Caliban. The entire estate is in ruins and filled with debris, unorganized and inhospitable to live in.

As the teen heads to the carnival, she sees statues and the Green Man figure. There, she meets Ambrose, who has survived and claimed it’s been decades since she’s been gone. However, he happens to have Father Blackwood’s time egg which can help them go back in time. And  it can prevent Greendale from falling into the trenches under the rule of the pagans. The magical power of the Unholy Regalia items is equivalent to that needed to utilize the time egg and head back in time.

Photo Credit: Elite Daily

Next, they head to the academy to make a morningstar sword with the Unholy Regalia items and transport back in time but encounter Blackwood. Batibat, the dream demon, puts Blackwood in a trance. Meanwhile, Sabrina successfully transports using a spell with the sword and time egg.

She lands back to the time (in the previous episode) where Blackwood is talking about his plan to destroy the Spellmans. Sabrina quickly notifies Prudence, Mambo Marie, and Ambrose before they are attacked by Blackwood. She then goes to Roz, Harvey, Nick, Theo, and Robin, who are all together, and tells them about the pagans coming for them. With everyone now safe and together at the academy, Hilda’s resurrection is performed by Zelda.

Afterward, Greendale is put to sleep through a lullaby so nobody can attend the carnival and see the pagans. Robin brings Wardwell to be the virgin sacrifice for the Green Man. As the ritual commences, it is revealed that it wasn’t Wardwell, but Pesta, the Witch of Disease. The ritual is quickly foiled and the pagans are faced with the entire coven who comes after them.

The snake lady’s head is chopped off by Roz. Hilda tortures Circe with a voodoo doll. And Carcosa the barker is stabbed by Prudence. Finally, Sabrina alerts her past self from Caliban’s statue trick and instead turns him into stone while he was pretending to be Judas. Now as the official winner of the Unholy Regalia and the new Queen of Hell, Sabrina must undergo coronation. She takes the throne in a fancy outfit.

To conclude the season, Blackwood is seen performing an Eldritch Terrors ritual in the forest. Meanwhile, Agatha stabs the time egg, signaling a windy and lightning-filled sequence. It’s a reminder that all evil has not been eliminated in Greendale… Stay tuned for Part 4.