High School Musical: Beauty and the Beast: The Role Call

Tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast. The next installment of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series has its theme for Season 2. It was announced that the upcoming second season will include a production of that Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast. Until the cast list is posted in the fall, we have our own theories about the ideal roles for our East High thespians. Check out our picks for which character should play in Beauty and the Beast!

Gaston- This is a role that calls for some impressive pipes and a double helping of swagger and EJ has both. I know we can all picture him juggling eggs and charming damsels.

LeFou- Gaston’s trusty sidekick needs to have a few slick moves. And Big Red is the obvious choice after his surprise tap number at the end of last season. We’d all love to see him tackle some choreography in the next show.

Lumière- This character is brimming with pizzazz so there can be no argument when we cast Kourtney as this classy candelabra. Let’s be real, she’s the only one with a voice that can pull off “Be Our Guest”.

Cogsworth- We’d like to see this role go to Ashlyn. She’s a naturally gifted comedienne and with her and Kourtney providing much of the comic relief, they’re sure to have some dazzling chemistry.

Mrs. Potts- Seb, Seb needs to play this role. He was fantastic as Sharpay so another gender-bent role would be right up his alley. We can already imagine him lulling us into dreamland with “Tale as Old as Time”.

Chip- Of course we know he’s a choreographer, but Carlos would make this role his own. He’s definitely got the sass to make this quirky teacup come to life.

Babette (the feather duster)- Nini is obviously leading lady material after her performance as Gabriella, but she is a bit of a wild card considering she may not even be at East High in the spring. Perhaps a small but substantial role might be more her speed this time.

Beast- We have to that admit that Ricky stole the show as Troy. He was a little unsure of himself at first, but he proved he had what it takes. Also, a fight scene between Ricky and EJ would be epic.

Belle- She may have been our least favorite person at the beginning of last year, but Gina captured our hearts. She’s also incredibly talented and deserves to be the lead and since we never got the chance to really hear her sing last year, we’re anxious to watch her solo.