Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 Episode 3 Recap: The Carnival is in Town

Nick is now safe. But the mental trauma from being possessed still loomed over him in this episode. However, a worried Sabrina was eager to put this event behind her as she comforted Nick all she could.

Still holding true to her duties, the teen was called to court in hell by Lilith. There she was challenged by the cunning Prince Caliban for the throne. All because a rule stated Sabrina could not refuse. Both must find the Unholy Regalia, a set of three rare relics. Basically, whoever wins the challenge gets the throne, but it’s best to assume Caliban might look for some shortcuts. The first item that needed to be found was King Herod’s crown.

Sabrina and Ambrose head to the ominous Riverdale (when’s the crossover?) woods to track down the crown using a special compass, to which it is a success. However, King Herod himself emerges from the tree in which the crown is found. He aims to get back what’s his after Ambrose and Sabrina take his beloved item.

Afterwards, Sabrina, Nick, Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Theo’s love interest Robin attend a very hyped carnival. It eerily may be the same one that Harvey saw from the distance during his night in the woods. As the group enjoys all of what the carnival offers, Ambrose is pinpointed and attacked by King Herod, who in turn steals the crown and heads for Sabrina (uh-oh).

At the Tunnel of Love in the carnival, Sabrina and Nick are found by King Herod. They’re attacked, to which Caliban appears out of thin air, steals the crown, and disappears (should have known the sly prince would do this).

During the carnival, Roz could sense something wrong with a worker. Lilith was disgusted by a psychic, and Harvey was entranced by a dancer. However, these hunches (except Harvey) proved true as evil intentions and plans loomed in the background of the carnival. In fact, the so-called workers, who are actually demons, convened outside the event after it concluded and sacrificed a human through getting his blood on a flower. That’s not all though. Theo, Harvey, and Lilith are among the targeted victims and it just so happens Theo’s supposed love interest Robin is in on the scheme.