Classic Disney that should be added to Disney +

Disney + is overflowing with movies and TV shows for all ages to enjoy. There’s even content on the streaming site that goes all the way back to when Disney began in the 1920s. While it might seem like Disney + has all our old favorites, there are several classics that haven’t been included. We’ve thought of a few titles we hope will be added to Disney + in the future. 

Disney Channel shows for kids

Some childhood classics on Disney Channel include the whimsical world of Rolie Polie Olie as well as PB&J Otter who taught us all the noodle dance and the puppet friends from Bear in the Big Blue House. Here are some other Disney Channel kids show favorites that we’d like to see again: 

Disney’s House of Mouse

Jojo’s Circus


Aladdin: The Series 

Stitch! The Series

Disney Channel shows for teens

These shows take us back to our preferred regularly scheduled after-school programming that we’d unwind to each day. Shows like the action-packed American Dragon: Jake Long, the spunky best-friend duo Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, or the presidential hijinks of Cory in the House. Here are some other teen shows that will bring back those Disney Channel memories: 

The Weekenders

Pair of Kings

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! 

The Buzz on Maggie 

Zeke & Luther

Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil 


Dog with a Blog

Disney movies

Although Disney + has more movies than we could watch in months, there are still a few that are missing. Films like the very first Disney Channel Original Movie, Under Wraps, the classic 1995 comedy starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Man of the House, and the spellbinding musical romance Enchanted. Here are a few more titles we hope to see the next time Disney + adds new content: 

Angels in the Outfield

The Shaggy Dog

The Pacifier

Bridge to Terabithia

What would you like to see added to Disney +?