Singer Sunny Malouf talks “One Minute”

Sunny Malouf is a multitalented singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress with over 1.1 million followers on Instagram. Her music crosses between the R&B/Urban Pop genres.  Sunny is 15 years old and has already shared the stage with Cardi B. And she’s opened the Live Nation’s largest summer tour in 2018 with Jake Paul and Team 10.  Sunny is also involved in several  philanthropic efforts include volunteering and performing for medical patients.  Below, YEM spoke with Sunny about her popular single, “One Minute.”

Young Entertainment Mag: In addition to hitting one million views for your song, “One Minute”, you’ve also eclipsed one million followers on Instagram. Did you do anything special to commemorate either of those achievements?

Sunny Malouf: When I hit a million instagram followers, I actually didn’t do anything to celebrate. It’s funny because when I was younger, I dreamed about these certain things, and how I would celebrate them. And it’s not like like I don’t appreciate them, because I do, it’s just that I’m grateful for the platform I have and there’s no need to flaunt it in any way. My platform is only for the cause of good and to create a lifetime movement. When I hit a million views on my music video, it was so surreal to me. Because I knew that it was a huge milestone for me to accomplish.

YEM: Was there a moment during the production of this single that you realized it was gonna be the one that blew up?

Sunny: When I created the idea of “One Minute,” I knew it would definitely bring questions or concerns about who it was about or what it was about. I knew releasing this record would definitely make people wonder and assume. But I wasn’t afraid to let people have their opinions, because it’s just my story to share.

YEM: Is “One Minute” your favorite song of yours?
Sunny: “One Minute,” is a special record, but I’m also creating magical moving records. And in my opinion just make me want to be a better person. The songs I’m creating now, are pushing to me more inspirational, and moving and really focusing on inspiring people. And I’m honestly so moved by this whole creative process. It’s crazy because, I have learned more about myself in the studio every single day. And I didn’t know I was capable of writing so powerful in these songs that are gonna hit this year. It just goes to show you, not to ever underestimate yourself.
YEM: Who in your life do you think deserves the most credit for your success?
Sunny: I think God is the one who deserves most credit for my success, because if it weren’t for him, then I wouldn’t be here working to accomplish anything. Also knowing he is here by my side in spirit, I know I can count on him in a tough situation, and that has definitely motivated me to be the person I am and who I want to be.

Releasing this record would definitely make people wonder and assume

YEM: How did you first meet YouTube star Jake Paul?
Sunny: I met Jake, when he came to Dallas to help out the tragic news from Houston. Team ten was here in Dallas and I remember my mom getting a call from my old publicist at the time, and he managed one of the members from team ten and they were wondering where they could stay in Dallas, because they had no WiFi in their airbnb they were staying at. Then they all made a decision and came over to my house and stayed for a week or so and it now turned into a lifelong friendship, I will cherish forever.
YEM: Given that you’re from both generations, do you like the Jonas Brothers or One Direction better?
Sunny: In my early childish years, I grew up watching the Jonas Brothers. And my early teen years I was interested in One direction. I think it goes both ways, they are both talented groups. But I think my heart was always with the Jonas Brothers.