Clay Jensen: 5 Episodes In…

Five episodes into the hit Netflix show “13 Reasons Why,” and things are just starting to heat up. While the show revolves around the life of Hannah Baker, let’s take a look at Clay and how he’s been holding up so far.

When we last left Clay in episode 4, he decided to take a different approach to each tape: instead of just listening, it was time to start getting even. Clay made his way through five tapes, and had five people who he knew were involved in Hannah’s decision to end her life.

Listening to the tapes hasn’t been easy on Clay, and it’s been obvious to the people around him. Students at school, faculty, even Clay’s parents have noticed a change in him. But Clay is keeping quiet, not talking to anyone about the tapes except for his friend Tony. For the first few tapes, Clay approaches former friends of Hannah, looking for answers. But by the time he listens to Tape 2 Side B, he’s not willing to talk: he wants to even the score.

He has already taken action with Tyler, the one who sent around of picture of Hannah kissing Courtney. For revenge, Clay takes a picture of Tyler changing from outside his bedroom window, and sends it around school. Tyler is struggling with the ridicule from kids at school who have seen the picture. He complains to Clay that he is the only person on the tapes that Clay has humiliated. “So far,” Clay replies.

We’re starting to see Clay break into his own and become a stronger, more fearless character. He starts out being a quiet kid, keeping to himself. Now, he’s not hiding anymore. He’s getting in people’s faces and taking names. In fact, he’s in power now that he has the tapes. The popular crowd at school (Justin, Jessica, Zack, Alex), know that Clay has the tapes, and are worried that he will use the tapes against them. They underestimate him, but they know what he is capable of. Clay could take the tapes from Hannah, and use them to ruin their lives. And after five tapes, Clay doesn’t care. He’s not going to keep quiet anymore, and he’s not afraid of what Justin has planned for him. He even says to Tony, “I don’t want to help- I want to hurt.” And there you have it: Clay Jensen has a dark side.

When we left Clay at the end of episode 5, his mom had just revealed to him that her law firm is representing the school in the lawsuit that Hannah’s parents brought against them. Things are about to get interesting.