Niki Koss is ‘Famous in Love’ with her job

Young Entertainment Mag which is all about FIRSTS chats with Niki Koss, who plays Alexis on Famous in Love on what it’s like behind the scenes of the show and how Famous in Love gives an accurate depiction of what it’s like to make it in the industry.

YEM: How do you like working on Famous in Love? What’s it like behind the scenes? Any funny stories to happen off camera that you can share?
Niki Koss: Working on Famous in Love is amazing! We have a blast on set. I’d say our funniest moments have happened on our night shoots where we would get deliriously tired and go into a full silly mode.

Photo Credit – Ryan West

YEM: Alexis is someone who does what’s good for Alexis. Who is she and where does her anger come from?
NK: I don’t necessarily think Alexis does what’s only good for Alexis. I think the most important thing to her is her career and she will stop at nothing to maintain it. As far as her anger goes, she can definitely use a meditation course or two.

YEM: What part of you and Alexis are similar? Where’s the line? How do you (Niki) get to that place?
NK: Alexis and I have a few things in common. Her career is the most important thing to her. We’re both very determined and hard working and we both like to be glamorous as often as possible.

YEM: There are lots of times on Famous in Love when cast members get dropped and hired from the film that’s being produced, Locked. Is that an accurate scenario? Is the industry really that cut-throat? Anything you can share with people who want to pursue a career in acting that might help?
NK: I would say the industry is actually that cut-throat, if not more. If you want to make [it] in this town, you have to have very thick skin.

YEM: What was the hardest scene to shoot and why?
NK: The hardest scene to shoot was Alexis’ last scene in the season finale when Jared from JustJared is interviewing her about her sex tape. That one was a little bit tougher than the others because she’s lying throughout the whole interview and putting on a serious show, but also trying to send a message to Rachel [Katelyn Tarver] at the same time.

YEM: Are there any challenges with promoting the show? What’s it like in that Freeform room when the cast is on Twitter answering audience members questions? Was there a post on twitter you wanted to respond to and just couldn’t, can you share?
NK: The show has been so easy to promote because we’re all so passionate about it and being excited comes so naturally! During the live tweets, it’s always so fun and relaxed. It feels the same as hanging out in a big room with your family or friends.

YEM: What can be seen from Alexis after Season One? What changes will she go through?
NK: I wish I knew, but knowing Alexis though, I’m sure she’ll have us on our toes the entire time.

YEM: What was your favorite young adult show growing up that you would have wanted to be in?
NK: Gossip Girl.

YEM: Where can people find you on social media?
NK: Instagram. facebook, twitter: @nikikoss