Close Your Eyes (210)


Whose doorbell did Victor ring? 

Victor’s new Dilemma

At the end of Season 2 Victor isn’t sure if he has stronger feelings toward Benji or Rahim. Victor and Rahim have been doing a lot of bonding ever since Victor started experiencing relationship issues with Benji. He brings Rahim as his date to Mia’s dad’s wedding, because he and Benji are taking a break and Benji didn’t think it was a good idea if they went to the wedding together. However, Benji ends up showing up to the wedding and sees Victor and Rahim dancing together, which upsets him and causes more complications. After Benji runs out Rahim then kisses Victor, which makes the whole situation even more confusing for Victor, Infinity by Dancy Hagood plays in the background.  

Toward the end of the episode Felix tells Victor to close his eyes and asks Victor who he sees himself with after years of being together and when Victor opens his eyes, he just knows.

At the end of the episode, Sam Smith’s cover of Cyndi Lauper’s, Time After Time starts playing and as soon as it does things pick up fast. Victor leaves the wedding and tries to get an Uber but since he’s too impatient he starts running. He then gets call from Simon where Victor thanks him for all the help he has given him and tells Simon that he’s ok and that he has all these amazing people in his life and that he doesn’t need Simon’s help in the same way anymore. Victor finally arrives at someone’s house and rings the doorbell, but the burning question is: whose doorbell did he ring? 

It’s most likely Benji or Rahim, (although there is a third theory that he actually went to the coach’s house). Since he just got off the phone with Simon and Simon lives in a different state, there’s no way it’s him. Mia and Andrew are on their way to see Mia’s mom, so it can’t be them. Felix and Pilar are a bit preoccupied making out by the garbage cans back at the apartment complex. And Victor’s parents are too busy getting back together and making out inside the apartment so we know it’s not them.

That really only leaves Benji or Rahim, so let’s take a look at some reasons as to why Victor chose Benji or and some on why he chose Rahim. 


They’re already in a relationship

This is probably the most obvious reason but still an important one. Victor and Benji have been dating for a while, and even though the fight they got into was a pretty big one, it might be something they could still work through. 

He’s the first guy Victor dated

Benji is the first guy that Victor is seen having a crush on, the first guy he kisses, the first guy he’s in a relationship with—you get the point. Benji is the first of a lot of things for Victor, so they definitely have a special connection. 

He was there when Victor came out

Victor wasn’t even out yet and was still figuring out his sexuality when he met Benji. This is important because Victor needed that person to help give him the confidence to be able to come out. Benji even stood up for Victor and talked him through how to deal with his mom not being fully accepting of his sexuality. 

He showed up at the wedding

This is worth mentioning because even though Benji and Victor were in a fight, and Benji thought it would be better if they didn’t go to the wedding together, Benji still showed up to surprise Victor. This definitely shows that Benji still has feelings for Victor. 

They care about each other

This cannot be denied. There have been many times when they’ve shown support for each other, like when Benji did the dance with the basketball girlfriends at one of Victor’s games and when Victor showed up to watch Benji’s band play. They care about each other’s interests, and it’s very sweet to see. 


They bonded quickly

Like, in a matter of episodes Victor and Rahim became close very quickly. They have great chemistry when they’re together and seem to genuinely enjoy hanging out with each other. It’s a relationship that could definitely turn romantic. 

They understand each other

This is a big one. Rahim has religious parents just like Victor, and he understood what Victor was dealing with when Victor told Rahim about how his mom is handling his situation. This is one of the ways they were able to become so close. 

They skipped school together 

When Victor was upset about his fight with Benji, Rahim suggested they skip school and spend the whole day together. They get lunch and even go to a gay bar. It wasn’t exactly a date, but it had a very similar vibe to one. 

Rahim goes to the wedding as Victor’s date

Rahim was Victor’s second choice as a date for Mia’s dad’s wedding after Benji decides it’s not a good idea for him to go. The fact that Rahim was on board for this, and that Victor asked him leads to some speculation that they may want to be more than friends with each other. It was Pilar who originally pushed them to go as dates, but both Victor and Rahim agreed to it very quickly. 

Rahim offers something new

Victor has only ever been with one guy, and now that he’s more confident about his sexuality, he may also want to try dating new people. He has a great connection with Rahim, and Rahim offers something new and exciting. Maybe that’s something worth exploring for Victor. 

In Conclusion

There are plenty of good reasons why Victor might have chosen Benji and plenty of good reasons as to why he chose Rahim. As we speculate the who, let’s take a look at the evidence surrounding the doorbell and whose door Victor chose – the doorbell is white and has a gold plate surrounding it and it looks like it’s set on stone. Throughout the season we do get to see both Benji and Rahim’s doors so let’s speculate. 

When we see Benji at his door it’s with his sponsor in Episode 8 at around 19 minutes and the door is brown with stone surrounding it and there’s a giant plant in front of the stone. 

Rahim’s door is seen in Episode 9 at 24 mins in when Victor drops him off at home after their big day out. Rahim’s door is dark blue with white trim and bricks surrounding it. 

However, in both scenes there isn’t an actual doorbell, which adds even more to the mystery. 

Whose doorbell do you think Victor pushed? 

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