The Best T.V. and Film dads

Father’s Day is looming in the distance with a celebration of fathers across the word. In honor of the holiday, it’s time to give some love to the dads in film and television. The dads featured remind us of what it means to be a good dad complete with encouragement and inspiration and to always help their children.

Chas Finster, “Rugrats” (1991-2004, 2021)

Chas Finster, dad of fan-favorite character Chuckie Finster, is a single dad in the series always being mindful of chuckie and wanting him to be safe. He adores his son through thick and thin, even when Chuckie finds a picture of his mother who passed away in the “Mother’s Day”episode of the show. It’s a heartfelt moment with Chas opening up about his love and how she is still there with them, but he will be there for Chuckie while she is away. It’s his dedication to his son and his wife that makes him a solid father figure.

Mufasa, “The Lion King” (1994)

The king of the Pride Lands rules the kingdom from Pride Rock ll while being the father to Simba. Mufasa is made memorable as the wise and noble father that talks about what it truly means to be a brave king while admitting he is scared to lose Simba. He also teaches Simba about the Circle of Life and the importance of one thing leading to another. His presence is strong and bold, made only stronger being voiced by James Earl Jones famous for voicing Darth Vader in Star Wars.

Sam McGuire, “Lizzie McGuire” (2001)

This dad is a classic nostalgia trip in itself in the heyday of Disney Channel finding its footing. Mr. McGuire was often supportive of Lizzie and her efforts as well as being an absolute goofball at times. He is always there to help support Lizzie, hear her out, and try to ensure she does not grow up too fast, even if he knows she’ll be okay in the long run. Though his moments are few and far between, he seems to always be a guiding light when he does make an impact.

Mr. Incredible aka Bob Parr, “The Incredibles” series

A super family needs a super dad and Mr. Incredible aka Bob Parr is no exception. Though he is arguably the main character of the first film, he doesn’t really get to show off being a dad. However, his dad skills get more time to shine in the sequel “Incredibles II.” Mr. Incredible takes care of the household while Elastigirl aka Helen is out fighting crime. His battles this time are dealing with the perils of math with Dash, Violet’s crush on Tony from the last movie, and finding out about Jack Jack’s powers first hand. Bob becomes a major dad and a great husband as well stepping in Helen’s shoes while she is away.

Sandy Cohen, “The O.C.”

Sandy Cohen, played by Peter Gallagher, is arguably one of the best TV dads ever. Sandy took in Ryan straight from Chino and made him a member of his rich family without ever making him feel lesser than what is percieved. He was the voice of reason and is someone the likes of Marissa and his own son Seth confided in during their own problems from relationships to just life itself. Cohen also manages to know how tough it is to be a teen growing up and the streets, so his words of wisdom come from a place of truth rather than fiction.

Professor Utonium, “The Powerpuff Girls

With a bit of sugar, spice and everything nice, combined with the dangerous Chemical X, Professor Utonium became the father of the Powerpuff Girls. Utonium is looking out for what is best for the crime-fighting trio of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup making sure they save the world before bedtime. He also is there to advise the girls on problems outside of them kicking butt from homework to a solid bedtime as in the classic episode “Daylight Savings.” Utonium always shines with a classy voice and heart that continues to sparkle as time passes.

Marlin, “Finding Nemo/Finding Dory”

Marlin may be an odd choice due to being a little overprotective. However, he starts to learn about being more accepting of him wanting to explore the ocean more on his quest to find his son Nemo going beyond the Great Barrier Reef. He keeps Nemo close ever since his mother passed, but knows that Nemo must grow up. Marlin’s love for Nemo keeps him going on his journey, alongside his new pal Dory, to be the dad Nemo always wanted him to be. The encounter with crush alone and seeing how he hangs out with his son, Squirt, have him change his way and realize he should be a part of his life rather than a random 

Phillip Banks aka Uncle Phil, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

The patriarch of the Banks family, Uncle Phil is not only a big profile judge in the city, but a loving adoptive dad of sorts to Will Smith. He is the butt of many jokes throughout the series, but always managed to be a warm presence despite being hard at times with tough love. This is made more prevalent in the episode when Will’s father returns to his life, only to abandon him again. Phil hugs it out with Will assuring him he may not be his father, but he will always be there for him whenever he needs him. It’s a beautiful moment that captures how impactful of a father figure he is.

Mike Bowen, “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”

Ricky Bowen’s dad, Mike Bowen, is effortlessly supportive of Ricky throughout his rehearsal for High School Musical. Bowen is also honest with his son by telling him that he is separating from Ricky’s mom. This impacts Ricky on a whole, but still wants to be there for him while also taking an interest in Miss Jenn. Though Ricky is struggling with his time dealing with his parents splitting up, Mike assures him things will be okay in the long run. He cares about his son and helps him pull through as things get tougher as the first season goes on. Mike himself makes the efforts to try and cook and be the best dad and, luckily, Ricky begins to see it.

Armando Salazar, “Love, Victor”

Amnado Salazar is a stand-up dad and on. Luckily, when Victor comes out to him in the first episode, he is there for his son no matter what. He assures him that he loves him and doesn’t want to lose him. This also comes on the heels of Armando separating from Victor’s mother. Throughout the series, he is there for Victor no matter the pitfalls that come his way. This is also the second dad on the list in the midst of separation, and like Mike Bowen, he dosn’t let that get in the way of being a good father.