Cooper Friedman talks fame and Perry Mason

Cooper Friedman face has shown up everywhere over the past few years! From tv shows to movies to commercials, Cooper is no stranger to the screen. Disney Channel fans will recognize Cooper Friedman from his role as “Doy” in Girl Meets World. Now, Cooper is taking on a dramatic role in HBO’s Perry Mason. YEM spoke with Cooper Friedman about his role on the new show and his impressive career! 

Young Entertainment Mag: What was it like filming Perry Mason?

Cooper Friedman: Perry Mason was a very cool show to work on. The show takes place in the 1930’s and all the sets, costumes and props are from that time period. Working on the show was like going to a museum that you can touch. 

YEM: What can you tell us about your character on Perry Mason and the plot this season?

Cooper: I play the son of Perry Mason, Matthew Rhys.  My name is Teddy and I live with my mom. In the beginning I do not understand why my dad is never around. I learn a little about what he does as the season progresses.

YEM: What are some of your favorite qualities of your character in Perry Mason?

Cooper: Teddy is a very sweet and loving character. He is very imaginative and loves to pretend he is investigating with his dad.

YEM: What has been your favorite scene to shoot this season and why?

Cooper: I think my favorite scene to film was the scene that my dad, Perry Mason, explains to me that he is a detective. We play army men together, and through the army men he creates stories and explains a little about his job. 

YEM: Any funny stories or memorable moments while filming Perry Mason?

Cooper: There were a lot of memorable moments with the actors. I loved talking to Matthew Rhys. We played a lot of chess on set. It actually made me get into chess. 

YEM: How did you get involved in acting? What is your breakthrough story?

Cooper: I got into acting at the age of 4. My brother who is 3 and a half years older than me was already acting. There was an audition to play brothers on a show called Togetherness. We booked the TV show and I got to work my first acting job with my brother. That made it very special. I think my breakthrough role is probably Dewey “Doy” on Girl Meets World. That was one of my favorite characters to play and such a great show. 

YEM: What are your favorite parts about acting and making a career out of it?

Cooper: One of my favorite parts about acting is getting to play all different characters and getting to immerse myself in the role. One of my other favorite parts is meeting new people. I met my best friends on the set of Girl Meets World. And I met a lot of friends through auditions and some have become like family. I love acting and everything about it, I can’t picture doing anything else. 

YEM: What’s it like acting in a movie vs being on a TV set?

Cooper: Acting in a movie is different than acting on a TV set. Movies you can work on for weeks and they are usually filmed on location. I loved working on a movie called Small Town Wisconsin. That was filmed for 7 weeks in Wisconsin. I have so many great memories both on set and off set. The movie comes out later this year. 

Working on TV shows is also a lot of fun. TV Shows are either single camera or multi camera. I love multi camera and I love filming in front of an audience. The audience brings such an amazing energy and it makes filming so much fun. 

YEM: If you were not acting, what other career are you interested in pursuing and why?

Cooper: If I wasn’t acting, I think I would want to be a comedian. I love to make people laugh and love performing. 

YEM: How do you keep yourself grounded being so famous so young?

Cooper: Well, I do not think of myself as being famous. I am just a regular kid that auditions and acts. I go to school (homeschool), I play with my brother and sister, I play with my friends, I play video games and I have chores to do around the house. Sometimes, when all things line up correctly, I get to go to set, play a character, and do what I love. 

YEM: Who is your inspiration?

Cooper: My brother, Quinn is my inspiration. I really look up to him. He is funny, smart, kind and is always there for me. He is also my best friend. We are very close. 

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