Mulan Now Streaming on Disney+

One of the most notable films in the Disney franchise, Mulan first released in 1998 as an animated film. The movie centered around Mulan, the daughter of a warrior who disguises herself as a man to serve in the Imperial Army of China and protect the country from any intruders.

The film was highly praised and remains a Disney classic to this day. Now, after 22 years, a live-action edition of the film will finally release! But, not without a twist. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mulan will not be available to watch in theaters nationwide. But instead in the comfort of your home if you have a Disney Plus subscription as the film released on the service today. It will also cost 30 extra bucks to stream it. It could become a part of the normal subscription, but when that could happen remains unspecified now. This comes after the film was originally scheduled to come to theaters in March, six months ago. 

Fans who watched the original film finally can watch this new film after several delays that postponed it from theaters earlier this year. Watching it on the small screen will offer a different, but still engaging experience. You can relax in your bed or on the couch and enjoy this action-packed film in a private setting.  

The live-action film will follow a similar premise to the original film that released in 1998. The idea for a live-action edition of the Disney classic had been brought up since 2010, but it didn’t go through until around 2015, with the filming finally being done in late 2018.

One notable difference for this new film is that the same songs from the ’98 film will not be featured. But instrumental editions of those songs will be incorporated. The director of the film, Niki Caro, wanted to make this real-life film, well, more realistic. 

Another notable thing taken away from the trailer was the absence of Mushu, the talking dragon who played a big role in the animated film. Again, it seems a dragon may not be a realistic character to include in this live-action film. 

Finally, it seems captain Li Shang will not be in this film. Instead, another love interest will appear for Mulan named Chen Honghui. He is also a soldier a part of the Imperial Army. The captain will be named Commander Tung. Essentially, Li Shang, who was both the captain and love interest in the animated film, will be split into two different characters who serve one of those roles. 

This film is set to bring lessons, action, and intensity as Mulan attempts to save her country with the Imperial Army. If you can’t get enough of the Mulan series, there is fantastic news. A sequel of the film has been confirmed!

Where can you watch Mulan?

Mulan is now available to stream on Disney Plus (with a fee of 29.99).

To find out when the movie will be available for free, click here.