Dara Reneé and Issac Ryan Brown talk cake, Disney, and games in upcoming Disney baking show

Disney’s Magic Bake Off is the first ever baking show to be featured on the Disney Channel. The show was also an opportunity to explore and relive Disney culture and history in a unique and creative way: by creating cakes.

Young Entertainment Magazine caught up with the two co-hosts of the show: Dara Reneé from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and Issac Ryan Brown from Raven’s Home. Dara’s love for baking shows and Issac’s excitement for laughs and games made the two the perfect hosts for Disney’s Magic Bake Off.

The interview started with both Issac and Dara recounting the transition from playing a character to just being themselves onscreen. For both Issac and Dara, going from an actor to host proved to be both challenging but exciting.

“Not only as a host do you get to tell jokes and eat cake, but you also get the opportunity to move the story along and make people feel at home,” Issac said. “And Dara does that all the time. Props because it’s hard to make people feel welcome, especially when it’s that much pressure.”

“Issac is literally the best co-host that a person could have. I mean, he is so iconic, so kind, and a comedic genius period,” Dara continued.

Dara and Issac teased different Disney themes that would be featured in each episode including: modern day princesses, Toy Story, Star Wars, to even theme parks. Dara said that she thought the themes were beautiful, and because Disney made up a big part of her childhood, every episode gave her nostalgia. 

“The bakers came through and delivered, so I can’t wait for everyone to see them and get to see their favorite shows embodied as cakes,” Issac said.

You can watch Disney’s Magic Bake Off on the Disney Channel on August 13th, 2021.