Derek Hough visits East High on HSMTMTS Season 2

HSMTMTS season 2 will be premiering on May 14th, and Derek Hough just shared some new photos from the show of his character Zach. Zach will be a new character to the series in the upcoming season. Zach is the new theatre teacher of East High’s rival school. And to make it even that much more complicated- he is also Miss Jenn’s ex! 

Zach is a Broadway star who returns home to direct a school theatre program. He is also said to have a bit of a smug personality, which is sure to be fun to watch. Zach and Miss Jenn are ex’s, so when talking about the chemistry between his character and Miss Jenn, Hough has stated, “There’s definitely some flirtation happening there,” he says. “It’s sort of playful but also quite seriously competitive. It’s a weird combination of, ‘Remember that time?’ and also, ‘You look really good,’ and also, ‘I’m gonna kick your butt.’”

The first new photo shows Hough as Zach in what looks like a costume store staring intensely at something in the distance. And we can not help but wonder what or who he is looking at. The second photo shows Zach and Miss Jenn in the midst of what looks to be a fun and flirty dance. Which is interesting given that we know they are ex’s as well as rival theatre teachers. 


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In the series Hough does not work with the younger actors of the show who play the students of East High. But he has commented on how talented he thinks all of them are.

It was so great to get these pictures of Hough in character as Zach. We can not wait to learn even more about this new character.

Watch Derek Hough on the second season of HSMTMTS when it premieres on May 14th on Disney+.