Diary of a Future President ends first season on a high note

The first season of Diary of a Future President is a ten-episode narrative following the journey of Elena Cañero-Reed, a 6th grader with big ideas and even bigger ambitions.

The Diary of a Future President season finale shows Elena going through a fair amount of growing pains. And she’s not the only one feeling growing pains in this last episode of the season. While in Tallahassee to sit in on a senate hearing, Elena takes on a hard conversation with Sasha. The conversation is to apologize after forgetting to attend Sasha’s poetry reading. In the end the two make up and a hotel room party is planned (and it’s not even anyone’s birthday!). Their plans are threatened however when Elena and Jessica disagree on the inclusivity of the party. While Jessica makes her party invite-only, Elena and Sasha throw a bash with room for all. 

Meanwhile in the Cañero-Reed household, the rest of the family struggles with matters of the heart. Gabi is torn between her love for Elena and Bobby’s late father and her new love for Sam. After another breakup, it takes a while for the two to communicate how they really feel for each other. But once they do it might be safe to say Gabi and Sam will be making ‘sambled eggs’ and tostadas together again. 

Bobby takes a big step when he breaks up with Monyca with a Y. The reason for the breakup is his growing feelings for another person. And that person might just be his new friend and tennis teammate, Liam. Bobby is confused by these new feelings and he falters when he tries to confess them to Liam. Even though Bobby isn’t ready to express himself just yet, he makes progress to one day being comfortable with who he is. 

At the end of a long day, Elena and her family come together again at the dinner table to share their triumphs and their failures. Things are changing for the Cañero-Reeds. But like with Bobby’s TriTron video game, when you get new gills it doesn’t mean you lose your old gills, it just means you can breathe twice as much oxygen. Elena is eager to start on the next chapter of her diary. And after a chance meeting with an inspiring senator, a seat on the student council might be in Elena’s future.

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