Diary Of A Future President Season 2 Is Almost Here

Everyone’s favorite future president is coming back for season 2 on Disney+! Yup, that’s right it’s none other than Elena Cañero-Reed!

For those who haven’t seen this Disney+ original, it’s centered around Elena Cañero-Reed (played by Tess Romero). She is determined to become the future president of the United States of America. For now, she has to figure out middle school. She learns essential life lessons that will pave her the way to hopefully becoming the next great leader of the U.S.A. Now, Elena prepares herself for seventh-grade! The fans expect more drama and romance but only time will tell what seventh grade for Elena will be like. 

The show was created by the creator of Crazy Ex Girlfriend Ilana Peña. She loosely adapted it from her experience as a middle schooler. It’s always great when there is some authenticity mixed in a show. It gives the viewers a sense of relatability leaving them wanting more. 

Peña stated that, “We are so excited for season 2 and cannot wait to share this next chapter of ‘Diary’ with viewers. This season, Elena will inch closer to the bright future we know she achieves, but like any origin story, her journey is not without its hurdles and heartaches. She and her family and friends will all continue to grow up and come into their own this year. I promise you’ll laugh, I’m pretty sure you’ll cry, and most of all, I hope this season is as meaningful to watch as it was for all of us to make.” So, the fans have a lot to expect but they are confident Peña won’t disappoint. 

Also, Gina Rodriguez (star of the show Jane The Virgin) will appear throughout season 2. This time she isn’t just the Executive Producer. Oh no, she also directed the first episode of the upcoming season. She plays grown-up Elena and is middle-school Elena’s conscience, giving her advice and steering her away from danger. She shares, “I’m honored and grateful to be able to return to this series for a season two. I love that this heartfelt show celebrates a Latinx family and epitomizes our commitment to inclusive storytelling.”It is clear how invested Rodriguez is in the show and the fans can see why. The show is great and meaningful!

The fans will have to wait until August 18th to watch all 10 episodes of season 2 on Disney+. Until then, they can check out the teaser trailer of “Diary Of A Future President” season 2 here!