Best Lake Lines

Lake Meriwether from Love, Victor is known as being part of Victor’s friend group, but she’s also so often the source of comedic relief on the show as well. Along with her perfect hair and killer wardrobe, Lake is a fun character and she always seems to have some kind of snappy comeback or quip to offer. But she can also be a really loyal and caring friend as well, and this complexity is what makes her such a fan favorite from the show. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best lines Lake has had in Season 2. 

I know you guys are horny, but anyone gonna make my sugar free iced mocha? – Episode 1 

This line comes in strong in Episode 1 when Victor and Benji are having a little too much fun while working at the coffee shop. 

Queens before peens. I will ditch these gays like a corporation after pride month. – Episode 1 

Lake drops this one when she’s talking on the phone to Mia, who has just come back to town from being away all summer. It shows Lake’s loyalty to her best friend while also maintaining that wisecracking humor she is so good at. 

I lightly grazed a mailbox, boo-hoo. – Episode 2

Lake’s driving skills are questionable, to say the least. And when Mia makes a comment about Lake actually getting worse, this is her defense. That it was just a mailbox. 

Mind your business or I will tell everyone you have two vaginas. – Episode 2

Rumors are spreading that Mia cheated on Victor and that’s why they broke up over the summer. Lake, of course, is on top of defending her friend, and this is her response when she sees someone potentially spreading a new rumor. 

Behold Benji Bitch. – Episode 3

This is not the first—and definitely not the last—time that Lake makes a comment about Benji being attractive. She calls Benji the hottest guy in the school, and Felix gets a little jealous and says something about “beauty being in the eye of the beholder,” but Lake still rolls with it. 

Section 348 chicks before dicks. -Episode 3

Lake showing her loyalty to Mia again. She and Felix are supposed to be meeting up with Mia at a college party, but they are running late, and Lake brings up how it’s a violation of girl code. Section 348 to be exact. 

I can’t believe I lost my virginity on an actual lake. Is it poetic or too on the nose? -Episode 4

No moment is off-limits for Lake. She and Felix end up having sex outside by the lake when they’re at the cabin with all their friends. It was an opportune moment for Lake to make a joke. 

Let’s play something where we can get Benji naked. -Episode 4

Here she is again with Benji when the whole friend group is sitting around trying to figure out a drinking game to play together. This is her first suggestion quickly followed by never have I ever. 

Now I’m gonna order us a bunch of Chinese takeout like they do in the movies where the lawyers have to stay up all night cracking the case. -Episode 7

This is serious—Lake is with Mia and Andrew trying to figure out the perfect date to convince Felix how much she still loves him after their breakup. She seems just a little bit stressed in this scene. 

Just friends is for two fives not a pair of nines. -Episode 10

In the final episode, Victor and Rahim attend Mia’s dad’s wedding with each other as “just friends” but Lake is suspicious. Victor and Rahim look good together, and Lake would be the one to point that out. 

And these are just a few of the best Lake lines from Season 2 of Love, Victor.