Disney’s Cruella just released their soundtrack and scores

A live action London punk rock prequel of 101 Dalmatians is heading to theaters in just seven days. In the live action film, the not so evil Estella tells her side of the story and how she came to be known as Cruella. Craig Gillespie the director of this masterpiece of a criminal in the making does not disappoint. Setting in London during the punk revolution in the 1970s, Emma Stone, the academy award winning actress, plays a much younger Cruella who is trying to make a start as a fashion designer. Emma Thompson will be playing Cruella’s rival in the fashion industry, the Baroness. The plot is not the only thing drawing us into this untold story. Disney has just released the soundtrack and it is GOOD. The rock that goes along with this film goes perfectly with the rebellious attitude Emma Stone creates when she plays Cruella.

Featuring an original song from Florence and the machine, the nominee for six Grammy Awards, called Call me Cruella. The song portrays Cruella in a different light than we see in the original film 101 Dalmatians and instead takes us to her point of view where she seems to be sick of being pushed around and finally accepts herself for who she really is. Cruella is back and, for once, we are happy to see her. The music featurette includes an exclusive interview with the ever-beautiful Emma Thompson, one of Britain’s most acclaimed Actresses, where she states, “I have never arrived to any cooler soundtrack.” The movie is estimated to have around 48 songs including Queen, The Clash, Blondie and original scores from Nicholas Brielle.

Check out the premiere of Cruella in theater and Disney Plus Premier Access on May 28, 2021