Learn everything you need to know about all around icon, Hilary Duff from Whitt Laxon’s podcast, Duff Enough

Whitt Laxson has been a fan of Hilary Duff ever since the Lizzie McGuire episodes aired in 2001, and he decided to start the ultimate Hilary Duff fan podcast, Duff Enough. Duff Enough is a podcast that is dedicated to all things Hilary Duff, including her life and her career in the entertainment industry. YEM was able to speak with Whitt all about how he started the podcast, what the reactions have been like so far, and guests he would like to have on the podcast in the future!

Young Entertainment Mag: When did your Hilary Duff fandom start?

Whitt Laxson: My Hilary Duff fandom started on January 12, 2001, the night that Lizzie McGuire premiered on Disney Channel. I remember it well, and anytime I watch the early episodes, I still get the same feeling I got as a six-year-old watching them for the first time. My love for Hilary grew from there, and I’ve followed her career closely ever since.

YEM: How did you come up with the name Duff Enough?

Whitt: Back when Hilary was a teen star, magazines used  “Duff Enough” as a play on words for catchy headlines. I specifically remember seeing it in the now discontinued Disney Adventures magazine. The article was about Raise Your Voice, and the headline was “She’s Duff Enough.” That’s always stuck with me, and I think it makes a great name for the podcast.

YEM: When did you decide that there needed to be a Hilary Duff fan podcast? How did you know it was something missing from people’s lives?

Whitt: I was inspired to start Duff Enough by my friends Lauren and Jeannette, who are both on the Cinderella Story episode. They host a 90s and early 2000s podcast called All That and a Bottle of Wine. When I listened to their Hilary Duff episode, I was practically yelling at my phone trying to be part of the conversation. What fueled my idea was the announcement of the Lizzie McGuire reboot (RIP). I was in the audience at the D23 Expo when Hilary revealed the news. The energy in the crowd was electric and only matched by the excitement on social media. There were several throwback podcasts at the time, but I thought a podcast all about Hilary would have major appeal in this era of nostalgia. She has a hardcore fan base in addition to her casual fans.


YEM: What has the reaction to the podcast been?

Whitt: The reaction to Duff Enough has been amazing! I get so many nice messages from people telling me that they are reliving their childhood while listening to it. The best part has been connecting with Hilary’s biggest fans from around the world.

YEM: Obviously we all want to hear Hilary show up on the podcast but if there was a number 2 who would it be and why?

Whitt: An interview with Hilary would be a total honor. Second to Hil, I would love to talk to her mom, Susan Duff. Fans know how big of a role Susan played in Hilary’s early career choices, and I think it would be fascinating to hear about the behind-the-scenes experience from her perspective. Another big get would be Lalaine (Miranda from Lizzie McGuire). There are a lot of unanswered questions I’d like to ask.

YEM: How would you like to see Kelsey Peter’s character end at the end of Younger? And what do you think about a Kelsey spinoff?

Whitt: I hope Kelsey gets to be a boss again! I was disappointed that she lost her job as publisher. I think a Kelsey spin-off could be great, but I’m more excited about Hilary’s new role on How I Met Your Father. It’s time for Hilary to play a leading character again.

YEM: Gordo or Zane?

Whitt: Gordo, but only as Lizzie’s friend. Zane was too problematic for Kesley.

YEM: What is your favorite Hilary Duff line from a film, television show, book or lyric of all time?

Whitt: “If the light is off then it isn’t on.” Just kidding. This is so hard. A go-to answer might be lyrics from “Why Not” or “never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” from A Cinderella Story. I’ll go with a quote that’s been in my Instagram bio for years, which is from her song “Rebel Hearts.” “You’ll only find us following our dreams. Rules are only for the dead asleep. We light up in the dark. We fight for who we are. We got those rebel hearts.” Hilary has always inspired me to follow my dreams, to shine bright, and to be my true, authentic self.

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