JB Somers releases his new single “Different People”

JB Somers just released his new single “Different People”. This song is his third single released. His first two singles came out back in February and March of this year, and are titled “Soon”, and “Hurt You”. JB’s single can be found and streamed on Spotify!

JB went to his instagram back on April 27th to announce the release of “Different People”, following the release of his two previous singles which he released earlier this year. During the Covid-19 pandemic JB had moved to Nashville Tennessee to pursue his music even more, and has since been putting out great singles for everyone to hear.

“Different People” is a beautiful song not only by how it sounds but by the lyrics and the meaning behind them. The lyrics really express how two people can change so much throughout a relationship. The song starts with the lyrics “You used to love the rain, but now it makes you tired / small talking you complain, we used to talk for hours / so many things we let expire, racking my brain, where do I start? / You used to love me, you had a change of heart.” Throughout the song the lyrics show how someone used to be at the beginning when they first met, and how they have changed over time and now are entirely different people at this point in the relationship from who they started out as. The song also is simply beautiful and is really emotional.

All of the songs that JB puts out are amazing, and “Different People” just goes to show how talented of a musician he is. Make sure to go to Spotify to listen to “Different People” and also stream his last two singles if you have not yet.

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