Throwback Thursday: Dylan O’Brien

The Scorch Trials finally hits theaters this Friday!!! The second installment in The Maze Runner series, adapted from the YA novels of James Dashner, Scorch Trials is a pretty big moment in the career of its star Dylan O’Brien. Known also for his role as goofy sidekick Stiles in Teen Wolf on MTV, O’Brien is carrying the action-packed apocalyptic franchise, and this installment is much more visceral, substantive, and star-studded than its predecessor. Scorch Trials has all the makings of a blockbuster that could surpass the YA genre and carry over into mainstream popularity. In other words, Scorch Trials could be THE moment in O’Brien’s career.



With that in mind, we did some digging to find one of O’Brien’s first onscreen appearances for a little #TBT action. You know him and love him as charming Stiles and stern Thomas from The Maze Runner, but you probably missed him as laid-back stoner Jimmy in the 2011 comedy High Road. Which is a shame, because High Road is packed with some of the strongest names in comedy including Abby Elliott from SNL, Ed Helms from The Hangover, Rob Riggle from The Daily Show, and Lizzy Caplan from Mean Girls and Party Down. O’Brien plays the road dog of the main character Fitz who’s a bit confused and down on his luck. The two of them embark on a wild and hazy road trip after a pot deal goes awry. Check out the trailer for High Road and check out the pics below to see stoner Dylan! Happy #TBT!!!



A jittery Dylan with costar James Pumphrey as Fitz



…which results in a hilarious accident and a trip to the doc for this pot-weilding pair.