Electric Mayhem Rocks onto Disney+ in Their Own Show

The crazy talented band from the Muppets are set to star in their own show on Disney+, “The Muppets Mayhem,” sometime soon. After playing music for 45 years, Electric Mayhem is going on an amazing journey to record their first studio album. However, the music scene has changed in the last 45 years, and they’ll need the help of young music executive Nora to make music the people want to hear. Nora is played by Lilly Singh, and the band members are Dr. Teeth, Floyd Pepper, Janice, Zoot, Lips, and everyone’s favorite crazy red monster, Animal. The band’s singers include Dr. Teeth, Pepper, and Janice, who also play the keyboard, bass, and lead guitar respectively. Zoot plays the saxophone while Lips is on trumpet, and Animal, of course, rocks out on the drums.

Electric Mayhem has been part of the Muppets mostly as background characters, but now they’re front and center. Written by Adam F. Goldberg, Muppet enthusiast; Bill Barretta, a longtime Muppet performer; and Jeff Yorkes, the comedy is expected to bring just as much laughs as it will epic music. Coming off the heels of the wildly successful first Muppets Halloween special “Muppets Haunted Mansion,” it seems that Jim Henson’s creations are getting a resurgence in popularity. In addition to this new series, the usual cast of Muppets are starring in “Muppets Now,” their first unscripted series. The first season has six episodes and features the same craziness and random hilarity that the Muppets are known for. Here’s hoping that “The Muppets Mayhem” will bring the same kind of energy. Additionally, this series will feature three brand-new original songs from the band which are sure to be bops.

A release date for the show has yet to be announced.