YEM Author Interview: Hilde Kate Lysiak shares what the process of writing her memoir “Hilde on the Record: Memoir of a Kid Crime” looks like

Hilde Kate Lysiak is the author of Hilde on the Record: Memoir of a Kid Crime. Hilde on the Record: Memoir of a Kid Crime is a memoir that puts the spotlight on Hilde in a poignant, coming of age story. Many of the chapters feature discussions with Hilde and her mother and father Matthew Lysiak, best known for his investigative reporting for the New York Daily News and comprehensive account of the Sandy Hook tragedy, Newtown: An American Tragedy. YEM was able to speak with Hilde about what it is like to write about herself, how long it took to write her book, and advice she has for other writers.

Young Entertainment Mag: How does it feel to have Hilde on the Record: Memoir of a Kid Crime Reporter coming out for everyone to read?

Hilde Kate Lysiak: It feels strange. As a reporter I’m used to being the person behind the scenes asking the questions but turning my reporter lens back at myself opened a door into this whole new world of introspection.

YEM: What is it like for you to write a book that is about yourself?

Hilde: I never wanted to write a book that wasn’t raw and honest. I appreciate the publisher Chicago Press being supportive but telling my own story and sharing my struggles with strangers makes me feel vulnerable in a way I didn’t anticipate.

YEM: What does the process of writing a memoir look like?

Hilde: It looks like me drinking a lot of coffee and being very cranky. My mom helped me, too, and the editors I worked with were great.

YEM: How long did it take you to write your book?

Hilde: About eight months.

YEM: Was there anything incredibly cool that you have done in your life that for some reason was not able to make it into the book?

Hilde: I became attuned as a Reiki Master when I was ten.

YEM: Being as young as you are, what is something that you still aspire to do in life?

Hilde: I want to help write a script for American Horror Story and be in the writer’s room listening to all those genius minds discussing ideas.

YEM: What is some advice you have for someone who wants to become a writer?

Hilde: Start with the first word. Then worry about the next word. Keep going. Be fearless.

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