YEM Exclusive Interview | with Dylan Sprayberry from Teen Wolf

Are you interested in werewolves? Well, we have wonderful news for you. For those who are waiting for the movie’s release on January 26th of 2023, we have an exclusive interview with Dylan Sprayberry, the original actor who starred as Liam Dunbar from the original Teen Wolf series back in 2011. We are happy to hear that Dylan will be reprising his role as Liam again in the movie, and we can’t wait to see what growth Liam has experienced between the series to the movie. This interview will discuss a few moments such as Dylan’s reaction to the newest Teen Wolf movie, his thoughts and the development surrounding his character Liam, the connection he felt with him, and many more! But before we can even continue with the interview, let’s first start with some context on the original series and its connection to the movie.

Teen Wolf was a supernatural, teen drama shows that first aired on MTV and was developed by Jeff Davis. The series ran from 2011 to 2017, lasting a total of 6 years with 6 seasons with 100 episodes in total. Our main protagonist stars Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, a high-school student who lives in a fictional California town. His best friend, Stiles, brought him to the woods to search for a dead body, only for Scott to be bitten by an alpha werewolf and become one himself. While it may have given Scott power beyond his imagination, his anger became a lot harder to control as a result. With the help of his friends and several others along the way, Scott must learn to not only control his abilities and temper but also save his home from different, supernatural threats.

The show was loosely based on Teen Wolf, directed by Rod Daniel and written by Jeph Loeb with Matthew Weisman back in 1985. The movie, compared to the more modern one directed by Jeff, was advertised as a coming-of-age fantasy film with comedy and romance in it. The premise behind this specific film is vastly different from the modern Teen Wolf, where a teenager named Scott Howard was born with his werewolf heritage naturally, and he used his werewolf heritage to garner popularity and utilize his superhuman skills to be great in basketball. Scott McCall, meanwhile, transformed after he was bitten by a werewolf and tried to balance out his new identity as both a student and defender of his hometown. Interesting difference, huh?

Now you might be wondering, where does the movie come into all of this? Well, the movie itself serves as a sequel to the events that happened to the cast. In the movie, Scott must gather new allies and reunite with old ones to fight off the newer threat that threatens his hometown. The movie has actors and actresses reprising their old roles as certain characters, such as Tyler Posey’s return as Scott and our interviewee, Dylan.

Speaking of, actor Dylan Sprayberry stars as the character Liam, who was introduced to be a younger rival of sorts to Scott in the series. Upon getting saved, Liam had no other choice but to be bitten by Scott, eventually becoming Scott’s first beta werewolf. Later down the line, Liam became an exceptionally strong werewolf, but his anger made it harder to control his transformations. While Liam did have a better hold on his anger in later seasons, he still struggles to control himself on the nights of full moons. But between Liam’s fight for control and his anger, fans were happy for Liam’s growth between seasons 4-6. Not only was he able to become closer friends with his pack, he eventually stepped up as a leader when Scott was preparing to leave for College. Fans became invested in his relationships with his friends Scott and Stiles, but more so with Mason and Theo. The movie has Liam all grown up, and fans are eager to see how much Liam has grown from his teenage years to his adult ones.

We started asking Dylan what he missed when he acted as Liam. He expressed that it was a lot of fun, as he had initially started Teen Wolf when he was 15, and stated that he grew as an actor on the show. He said he felt a connection with Liam, and mentioned that Jeff was specific about wanting to find similarities between the actor and the character. Dylan also missed the fight scenes and the roars in the show and enjoyed it a lot when he went to record lines for the movie. We also asked Dylan what was the most challenging aspect of the movie and how he overcame it, to which Dylan answered that the night shoots became difficult to do, due to his older age. He did manage to mitigate the difficulty with naps, however. Another challenge that he faced was the change of the cast’s characters, as Dylan tried to find a medium to how Liam can still be conveyed as himself, but with the newest additions because of Liam’s older age. Despite the challenge, Dylan managed to overcome it.

We would like to thank Dylan for spending time with us on this interview, and we truly enjoyed speaking to him about his reprised role as Liam and his thoughts on the movie. You can follow him on his Instagram @dylansprayberry. Remember to keep your calenders marked for Dylan’s return as Liam in Teen Wolf: The Movie for January 26th of this year in Paramount+. Please also watch the interview below where we ask Dylan even more questions about his time in Teen Wolf and his reaction to being invited to reprise his role as Liam. While you’re there, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment!