Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from January 1-January 7

It’s the beginning of the new year, everyone! Were you able to spend some quality time with your families? If you’re stuck on what you and your family need to watch at the start of the new year, YEM has compiled another Top 10 for this week for your viewing pleasure.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Season 2 – 1/4/2023

Padawans and watchers alike, Star Wars: The Bad Batch will be airing its second season on January 4th of this year! For those new to this show, this show stars a “batch” of clones initially introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, eventually becoming a special squadron of exceptional warriors called the Bad Batch. Season 2 takes place right after the Republic had fallen, in which Kamino and the Bad Batch continue their journey through the Empire. For those who are ready to watch more of this batch of characters, be sure to keep a lookout on January 4th!

National Treasure: Edge of History Episode 5 – 1/4/2023

Welcome back to a new installment of National Treasure: Edge of History, but with more intrigue and mystery! Unfortunately for Jess, this isn’t what she expected or wanted. With the lingering doubt about a member of her friend group, as she suspects that a friend of hers might’ve spilled a clue to Billie, Jess must navigate her way through a different treasure hunt in the Governer’s mansion. Curious to see how this will end for her and her friends? Check out the newest episode on January 4th.

Ginny & Georgia Season 2 – 1/5/2023

To the dedicated fans of this show, the return of Ginny & Georgia is set for January 5th of this month! For those who need a refresher on the show: the show stars the angsty, 15-year-old Ginny Miller, who felt a tad more mature than her 30-year-old dynamic mother, George Miller. This time, Season 2 has Ginny going through the turmoil of what she had discovered about her mother, and the troubles that followed Georgia has just begun after the Season finale. For those who want to see the season premiere, keep an eye on January 5th on Netflix!

Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute by Talia Hibbert – 1/3/2023

For those interested in laughs and romance, here’s a book just for you. Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute by Talia Hibbert stars our two protagonists who are now ex-friends: Bradley Graeme and Celine Bangura. Bradley is considered the perfect student: top grades when Celine isn’t involved, becoming the star football player, and managing his OCD well. Celine, meanwhile, was considered a conspiracy theorist. Between the two arguing and trying to outdo each other, not much changed until Celine signed up for a survival course, only to discover that Brad had done the same and that they’d become partners. For those who are a fan of the enemies-to-lovers trope and a fan of Talia Hibbert’s works, keep an eye out for the book’s release on Barnes and Noble on January 3rd!

The Stolen Heir by Holly Black – 1/3/2023

Are there any fans of Holly Black here? The author of The Queen of Nothing returns with a whole new duology, with The Stolen Heir being the first book of said duology. This time, Jude’s brother will be taking the spotlight alongside a runaway queen named Suren, as they embark on a dangerous quest together. Only, there are a few problems with this situation: Suren fled to the human world and became feral upon living in the woods, once harbored romantic feelings for Jude’s brother Oak only to develop resentment toward him, and she will be facing her nightmares and mother. To those interested in Suren’s fate and the relationship between her and Oak, keep an eye out for the date of this book’s release on January 3rd. For those interested in Holly Black’s works, there’s an exclusive edition to be released through Barnes and Noble, where you’ll be able to receive an alternative jacket to the book with the author’s notes and journal pages on her writing process.

A Man Called Otto – 1/4/2023

Are you a fan of family movies? Are you a fan of Tom Hanks? Here’s one that’s coming out on January 4th of this year! A Man Called Otto stars a grumpy, old man named Otto who had given up on life after the loss of his wife. But when a family moves in near his home, he meets the quick-witted Marisol and eventually develops a friendship with her that, quite possibly, changed his whole world. Watch to see their blossoming friendship in theatres on January 4th! And for those curious, we had an interview with the talented Alessandra Perez and Christiana Montoya for their upcoming appearances as Abbie and Luna. Be sure to check it out!

Willow Episode 7 – 1/4/2023

Stalwart heroes, welcome back to Willow! Are you excited about this next episode? A lot has happened in the last episode; Willow and Kit were brought underground as prisoners by some trolls, Elora and the others infiltrate to rescue them, Airk tries to find a way to escape Immemorial City, and more. But complications arose between Elora and Kit because of Elora’s magic, and Airk has a chance to meet with a mysterious woman named Lili, who has claimed that Airk has the power to free his friends. Are you excited about what will happen? The next episode will be released on January 4th, so watch out.

M3GAN – 1/6/2023

Who here wants a dose of horror? What if the dose of horror contains elements of a possible, murderous friend whose sole purpose is to be your friend? Look no further than M3GAN, which stars the talented Amie Donald as M3gan, with Jenna Davis as her voice. You might have seen the trailer before, but for those who are curious or might need a refresher: M3GAN is a story about a robotic engineer who works at a toy company, where she made a life-like doll that eventually develops a mind of her own. If you’re interested in the premise and interested to see how ‘friendship has evolved’, check out the movie on January 6th in theatres!

Owl City “Kelly Time” – 1/6/2023

To those who remember this band or have heard from their renowned song Fireflies, Owl City is set to release their newest single Kelly Time on January 6th! This single has an interesting story behind it, as it’s based on the plot of Cast Away, a film from 2000. The title of this song specifically references Kelly, the main protagonist’s fiancee before he was stranded. The picture that he has of her in his pocket watch was referred to as “Kelly Time”, hence the title. For those eager to hear this single, it’s set to release on January 6th. Check it out on their Youtube channel:

Gabrielle Aplin “Phosphorescent” – 1/6/2023

Fans of Gabrielle Aplin, I have news for you! Gabrielle’s newest album Phosphorescent is set to release on January 6th of this year, with 11 songs in tow including Skylight. According to Gabrielle, this newest album has been an unforgettable experience for her, and she can’t wait for this magical project to be yours soon. The album will be available for pre-orders right now for CDs and vinyl and will be released on all streaming platforms. Keep an eye on the date to be the first to listen to her newest album!

What are you awaiting for this week? What were some of your favorites? Is there anything that isn’t listed here that you’re waiting for this week? Let us know in the comments below.