Emma Berman shares what it was like recording Giulia for Pixar’s new film, Luca

The new movie Luca is coming to Disney+ on June 18th! The movie is an animated coming-of-age story about a young boy named Luca who spends his summer adventuring in Italy with his friends. Luca has a secret about being a sea-monster that can end up ruining all of his summer fun.

Emma Berman was born and raised in San Francisco, California, and portrays the voice of Giulia. She is an outgoing and charming character who Luca meets while he is in Italy for the summer. Giulia quickly befriends Luca and Alberto in the film and has a love for books and learning. Giulia is just all around a very fun and powerful female character and is a great addition to the film too!

YEM was able to speak with Emma about the film and her character more in depth. The young actress shared with YEM what it was like to be a part of the upcoming film Luca. She shared her thoughts on being in a Disney Pixar film, what it was like during the recording process, and what she learned about the Italian language and culture from being a part of the film. 

Emma shared about the recording booth she made to record the voice of Giulia, and how she recorded the lines for the movie. She also shared her love for Italian food such as pizza, pasta, and Gelato, and how she would eat it after her recording sessions. Her favorite line that she recorded for her character Giulia was also revealed during the interview! It was so great to be able to learn so much more about Emma, the upcoming film Luca, and her character Giulia.

Check out YEM’s interview with Emma Berman as she tells us about playing the character of Giulia in the upcoming film Luca!