The Sex Cabin (Episode 204)


Love is in the air in Love, Victor Season 2 Episode 4, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is getting enough privacy to actually get intimate with each other. Benji offers up his parent’s cabin to the friend group, which means they’ll be alone with no supervision from parents or any other adults. Obviously, conversations about sex start circulating. Victor and Felix have a whole bonding moment over possibly losing their virginities, but this also raises new questions. Is everyone ready to have sex, especially if it’s their first time? 

The Pressure is Real

There is a lot of pressure around having sex even in high school, and Victor is unsure about whether he’s ready or not. That pressure gets even more intense when there are multiple couples spending a weekend at a cabin together, and everyone seems to be under the impression that having sex is what will happen. Victor finds out during a game one night that Benji is more experienced than him, and this causes Victor to have even stronger doubts and become more nervous. And not doubts about whether or not he likes Benji, but just about whether he’s actually ready to take the next step yet. 

Felix believes that he and Lake will also most likely have sex over the weekend, and this will be the first time for both of them. He starts to feel insecure when Lake doesn’t seem to share the same idea for the weekend, and he wonders whether she even finds him attractive. They end up having a pretty personal heart-to-heart with each other because Lake isn’t sure if she’s actually ready yet. By having this conversation, they understand each other a lot better and there isn’t any pressure to do something that one or both of them doesn’t want to do. 

It’s Okay to Wait 

By the end of the episode, there is a clear message that it’s definitely okay to wait to have sex if you’re not ready. Benji is understanding that Victor is still very new to his sexuality and isn’t quite ready to have sex yet. Felix and Lake do end up having sex but not because they feel pressured. Having an honest conversation helped them feel more comfortable and in control of the situation, which is why open communication is so important when it comes to having sex and being intimate with a partner. 

Despite how much pressure there is to have sex, this episode of Love, Victor shows that it is not necessary to give into that pressure and having open communication about intimacy helps people maintain positive and healthy relationships. 

The Trevor Project: A national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ+ youth

It Gets Better Project: An organization whose mission is to uplift, empower, and connect LGBTQ+ youth around the globe.

GLAAD: An organization that uses media platforms to increase positive LGBTQ+ awareness and information.