Euphoria | Interview with Elias Kacavas

With news about Euphoria season 3 constantly stirring, we’re excitedly awaiting the official announcement about when we can see the characters we love – or maybe the ones we love to hate – back on-screen. While there were a lot of surprising twists and plot surprises that left our jaws dropped, one of the most unexpected, yet most enjoyable parts of season 2 was finding out more about Cal Jacobs, Nate’s dad. One of the most important parts of Cal’s story was that we finally got to see flashbacks of a younger version of his character. YEM got the chance to sit down with Elias Kacavas, who plays young Cal during season 2 of Euphoria. Since young Cal’s story takes place in the 1990s, we had Elias try his hand at a fun game of 90s trivia! We also have a full interview with him up on our website, so be sure to check that out here.  

We had Elias answer a bunch of fun questions about the 90s, which included some of the most iconic things from the decade. With the help of a few hints, Elias did really well! First, we started off by asking Elias about some movies and TV from the 90s. Do you know the animated movie that won Best Picture in 1992? Spoiler alert, it’s Beauty and the Beast! It was so much fun to go through this era of pop culture with Elias and see what he knew. We also asked him about Power Rangers, as well as one of the most iconic shows of the era, Friends. Watch to see if he can name all members of the main group from the show! 

Elias also tried to guess a few questions about music and toys from the 90s. While he definitely did better in the movie category, he still did a great job overall! We can’t thank Elias enough for sitting down and chatting with us, and we’re so excited to see what he has coming up next! Be sure to check his work out in Euphoria season 2 and most recently, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. You can catch Euphoria and PLL streaming on HBOMax, so don’t forget to catch up on all episodes. Also, make sure to comment down below and subscribe to YEM’s YouTube channel for all things pop culture!